Bernette Airlock 64 Review Pros and Cons

Bernette Airlock 64 Review Pros and Cons
Your hunt for the best sewing machine will come to an end with the Bernette Airlock 64 model. If you are looking for a versatile unit to handle all your sewing jobs, the Airlock 64 might be it. The Airlock 64 is one of the best offerings from the house of Bernette.
Whether you are a beginner or professional, the Bernette Airlock 64 will deliver the best without any hassles. But, how is the unit better than others in the market? You might also be wondering about the shortcomings of the product. 
To clear all your doubts, we’ve curated a Bernette Airlock 64 review. This article will dive deep into the performance, features, and everything you need to know about the Bernette Airlock 64. To learn all about the Bernette Airlock 64, stick to this review!


  • The Bernette Airlock 64 sewing machine offers a large working space of 130 mm, providing ample room for sewing projects and ensuring user comfort.
  • It features five bright LEDs, providing excellent illumination for working on intricate projects and reducing the chances of errors.
  • The machine includes a micro thread control feature, which saves time by automatically adjusting thread tension based on fabric thickness and cutting width, resulting in consistent quality stitches.

Bernette Airlock 64 Features 

Bernette Airlock

Check Today's Price on SewingMachinesPlus One thing we appreciate about the Airlock 64 is how many features it packs. Despite being a budgeted tool, this computerized tool doesn’t compromise on features. 

In this section, you will understand the different features of the Airlock 64 and its uses. Take a look: 

Large Working Space 

There will be times where you would want to sew up lengthy fabrics. In such a case, ample working space will be feasible. Thankfully, the Bernette Airlock 64 comes with a 130 mm room. This large dimension is handy when you are dealing with sewing projects

It gives you plenty of area in the needle and looper region. Therefore, with ample working space, Bernette also takes care of the user’s comfort. 

5 LEDs 

Some sewing projects take the whole day, which includes working the entire night. Also, you might not have a good source of illumination during the night. Take a breath of relief as the Bernette Airlock 64 has five bright LEDs in place. 

This LED light makes sure that you do not compromise your vision while working on intricate projects. Besides, a well-lit workstation also means that there are fewer scopes for error. 

Micro Thread Control 

Many beginners are unaware of this feature. Bernette used the MTC features for the first time in Airlock 64 model. 

This patented feature saves you from the time-consuming task of ensuring consistent quality stitches. 

Owing to the micro thread control, you don’t have to keep setting the thread tension repetitively. Even if you adjust the fabric thickness and cutting width, this feature will handle it for you. 

Integrated Free Arm 

Most of the units these days have an integrated free arm. This free arm is an essential feature if you want to work on tubular projects. For those who are not aware, the free arm’s purpose is to sew one layer of fabric without catching the other. 

While sewing pants, necklines, and sleeves, there are two layers of fabric. These tube projects have dual layers. Therefore, whenever you think of sewing up such items, you can use the integrated free arm on this unit. 

Free Hand System 

It’s no secret that sewing demands multitasking. One time you’re holding the fabric and using the same hand; you might have to use other features on the machine. Thanks to  Bernette for including a freehand system in this model. 

The unit equips a knee lifter so that your hands only have the task of handling the fabric. 

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Bernette Airlock 64 Performance 

Without measuring the performance of the Bernette Airlock 64, this review will be incomplete. We’ll measure the performance of the Airlock 64 in four different aspects. Let’s see how the model scores in different performance aspects. 

Design & Physical Attributes 

The Bernette Airlock 64 dons an all-white look. As compared to all the modern sewing units, it matches the aesthetic style. It somewhat has an industrial look. The Airlock 64 is neither too huge nor too small. The size is perfect for home workstations or dorms. 

If you are looking for a portable unit, this might not be it. It features an exclusively large slide-on table. Bernette uses a high-quality exterior to make sure that the tool lasts for years to come. 

Sewing Speed 

It would be an understatement to say that the Bernette Airlock 64 is a sewing guru. The sewing speed is where this machine shines. With a lighting fast 1,300 stitches per minute, it won’t take time to stitch up a dozen materials. 

Therefore, you can also use the Airlock 64 for commercial purposes. The sewing quality is neat and near perfect. However, with a limited amount of stitches, there’s not much versatility to this unit. 

Handling Fabrics 

As far as handling fabrics come to play, Bernette Airlock 64 plays it safe. With the lightweight fabrics, you don’t have any problem. Perhaps if you use quilting materials, the motor might strain. 

So, refrain from using any materials like leather, suede, or any heavy-weight fabric with this unit. 

Bernette Airlock 64 Pros 

The pros of the Bernette Airlock 65 are as follows: 

  • There’s a 10-year limited warranty on this product. 
  • Beginners will find the mechanism of the unit easy to understand. 
  • With a sewing speed of 1300 stitches per minute, you’ll finish your projects instantly. 
  • Bernette offers dozens of accessories with the product. 
  • The five LED lights on this unit ensure correct illumination. 
  • You can also stitch up pants, sleeves, and other tubular items with the free arm. 
  • Whenever the cover is open, the safety switches automatically activate. 

Bernette Airlock 64 Cons 

Many of you might want to be aware of the snags in the Airlock 64 before buying it. The cons of the Bernette Airlock 65 are as follows: 

  • The number of stitches is limited. 
  • It lacks advanced features. 

How Does Bernette Airlock 64 Fare Against Competition? 

You might be wondering that a budgeted sewing machine might lag in the competition. However, that’s untrue. However, you might find many models at the same price level. So, what gives the Bernette Airlock 64 a superior edge? 

A sneak peek of this section will help you to understand what makes the Airlock 64 a game-changer. 

  • There are very few machines following the same price point that offering a stitching speed of 1300. 
  • Not all the models in the market come with such brightly lit working space. The five LED lights certainly are beneficial for sewists with vision deficiencies. 
  • The color-coded thread paths are a unique touch to the Bernette Airlock 64. 
  • Also, the Micro Thread Control feature grants exceptional stitch qualities to the Airlock 64. 
  • Unlike competing sewing machines, you don’t have to set the thread tension repetitively. 
  • Its ability to handle all varieties of fabric, which might be uncommon for machines with a similar price tag. 
  • Additionally, the warranty period for the Bernette Airlock 64 is better than that of the average warranty period of competitors. 
  • Most of the brands in the market forget to consider the safety of the user, but not this one. For Bernette, user safety is equally important as stitch quality.  The machine activates the safety switch when you open the cover. 

Why Should You Choose the Product? 

The Bernette Airlock 64 is for anyone who is looking for a reliable sewing tool. Moreover, if you deal with medium to heavyweight fabrics, this unit will feel beneficial. There are also other reasons why you should pick the Bernette Airlock 64. 

  • Leading Brand: It’s hard to go wrong with a brand like Bernette. A unit that comes from a renowned brand ought to have good quality and performance. 
  • Value For Money: The Bernette Airlock 64 is one of the most budgeted models in the market. 
  • Efficient: Airlock 64 embraces efficiency like no one else. It decks up with all the essential and advanced features. 
  • Stitching Speed: If you are running a sewing business, you can complete multiple tasks with a speed of 1300 spm. 
  • User-Friendly For Beginners: It is a misconception that products with bells and whistles are not beginner-friendly. Users claim that the unit takes only a couple of days to understand.  

Our Recommendation

In conclusion, considering all the good and bad of the Bernette Airlock 64, the unit emerges victorious. It has an overwhelming lineup of features that all sewists will equally love. All in all, the Bernette Airlock 64 is a unique proposition and a must-try for sewing hobbyists and experts. 

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