Consew P1255RB Sewing Machine Review Pros And Cons

Lockstitch sewing machines are one of the most popular heavy duty mechanical stitching tools. Customers are always on the hunt for an industrial sewing machine that packs outstanding features and is user-friendly at an economical price. That’s why you have to try out the Consew P1255RB sewing tool.

Features Of Consew P1255RB Sewing Machine   

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This section will talk about all the exciting features the Consew P1255RB sewing machine has to offer. You’ll find out that this sewing device has functionalities that will make your sewing experiences fantastic because it’s the best long arm quilting machine around. Let’s begin!

Oil Pump System

Maintenance is necessary for any tool or sewing device to keep it running for a long time. You need to oil its parts so that it works smoothly. As this can be a time-consuming process, you might procrastinate and put it up for later. Unfortunately, this won’t help your device in the long run.

Is there an easy way out? Yes, there is! This Consew sewing tool has an oil pump system which makes it convenient for you to oil it. There is also a mechanism for adjusting the oil flow, which eases the process. 

Safety Clutch

What if there was a mechanism within the machine that protects itself? The safety clutch does exactly that! This feature prevents the device from being damaged if it stops working or any part malfunctions. Using this clutch, you can get the machine up and running again.

The safety clutch comes into play whenever your device isn’t running smoothly or has stopped working altogether. In such a situation, remove the fabric you’re stitching. Then, locate the safety clutch, which will probably be under the sewing table.

Move it forward and backward until you feel the machine is working as it should.

Reverse Stitching

It is a helpful feature that’s well-loved by all sewists. Reverse stitching is essential for toughening up loose seams and stitches. It also ensures that your stitches don’t look incomplete or untidy. As a result, your designs come out eye-catching and gorgeous.

The Consew P1255RB sewing machine has a simple button for stitching in reverse. So, with just a button press, you can reverse stitch on any fabric. However, as this will cause the stitches to move away from the fabric and towards you, handle the material’s movement properly.   

Top-Loaded Bobbin

The Consew P1255RB sewing machine has a large top-loaded bobbin that stores all your sewing thread. It is popularly called a drop-in bobbin, and it is usually placed under the needle compartment. Furthermore, there is a Locking Slide Plate for easily getting hold of the large bobbin.

So, whenever you wish to clean the bobbin and remove any lint or dust from it, you can remove the bobbin easily. All you have to do is lift the needle plate and take it out. Unlike standard bobbins, these aren’t much of a hassle to handle.

Thus, you can clean the bobbin, wind up a new yarn and get ready to sew again!

Locking Stitch Regulator

It is yet another outstanding feature that enables you to keep your stitches neat and good-looking. The stitch regulator ensures that the stitching speed remains in sync with the fabric’s movement. So, even if you’re working at high speed, you’ll receive consistent stitches.

The stitch regulator also keeps the stitch’s length equal.

Pros Of Consew P1255RB

Now that you’ve wrapped your head around the basic features of the Consew P1255RB sewing machine, it’s time to have a look at the benefits you receive from it.

  • Along with high-quality features, it has a standard work space for all your applications. Even if you’re working on lengthy fabrics, you won’t feel cramped
  • The machine offers you high-speed stitching with 2,600 stitches per minute. So, you’ll get more things done in less time!
  • As the device comes with a top-loading bobbin, it will be convenient to remove and clean it. You can use a soft brush to clean the bobbin easily
  • You can lift the presser foot by hand up to 8 mm and use your presser foot lift with your knee by 13 mm  
  • The stitch regulator, which sets your stitch size, allows you to improve your stitch quality, and consistency

Cons Of Consew P1255RB

Besides having excellent features and benefits, the Consew P1255RB sewing machine also has certain drawbacks. But don’t worry, as they don’t overshadow the advantages. Let’s check out the cons in this section.

  • Some customers think that the workspace could have been more spacious
  • The stitching speed might be a little less for working on heavy fabrics


As a lockstitch sewing device isn’t something you buy often, you’ve got to make sure that it’s good value for your money. Therefore, in this section, we’ll discuss some aspects of the machine’s performance that assist you in figuring out if this is a suitable device for you.

Servicing And Maintenance

It is an absolute necessity to maintain and fine-tune any mechanical device to extend its lifespan. It helps when the device comes with features to support maintenance. Fortunately, you have an oil pumping system in the device, which you can use to oil the internal components.

You also need to clean out the lint or pieces of thread stuck within the bobbin along with lubrication. The machine has your back! You get a top-loading bobbin which you can easily remove and clean out the dirt. So, to conclude, maintenance is very convenient with this sewing tool.


Like any other lockstitch sewing tool, the Consew P1255RB sewing machine is also a robust and durable product. It is ideal for heavy-weight fabric canvas or furniture upholstery.With exceptional features, an assembled metal sewing table, servo motor, and heavy-duty internal parts, the Consew P1255RB is built to last long.

And because of its high durability, you can efficiently work on it at high speed without any trouble – no need to worry about the parts getting quickly worn out.

Power Consumption

Machines that consume less power are more efficient and long-lasting than standard machines. You might be thinking about how this machine is power efficient. Well, it’s because of the unique servo motor that comes along with it.

The servo motor consumes less power than clutch motors and is 90% more energy-efficient. Moreover, it’s lightweight and releases less heat. The motor has extremely high-quality internal components that won’t wear off fast.



Consew Premier 1255RB Lockstitch Machine with Assembled Table and Servo Motor — $2,299

The Consew P1255RB Sewing Machine contains a variety of features that include, but ar not limited to: drop feed, reverse feed, needle feed, walking foot, and is a high quality lockstitch machine.

No matter how much you work on this sewing device, the servo motor will make sure that it consumes less energy and functions efficiently.

How Does The Consew P1255RB Sewing Machine Handle Competition?

The Consew P1255RB sewing machine faces a lot of competition from other brands such as Juki and Janome. However, as it is an outstanding product, with a great price. It tackles the competition very well. Let’s see how it does that!

  • With a stitch speed of 2,600 and a handy top-loading bobbin, this is one of the leading upholstery sewing devices in the market
  • Features such as 301 stitch type, adjustable stitch regulator, sewing light and safety clutch make it better than other devices within the same price range
  • Designed for handling a variety of materials such as leather goods, canvas, vinyl, and synthetic fabrics
  • The servo motor makes it very efficient and long-lasting, a feature that sets it apart from many devices
  • The oil pump with adjustable controls enables you to maintain the core components of the sewing machine  

Why Should You Buy The Consew P1255RB Sewing Machine?  

By now, you must have understood that the Consew P1255RB sewing machine is an excellent choice for a lockstitch sewing machine. If you still doubt its quality and whether you should buy it, this section will give you the required clarity.

  • High-quality accessories and excellent performance
  • Durable design with user-friendly controls for any supporting any sewist
  • It saves you a lot of money on maintenance and servicing
  • It’s a highly appreciated brand and has gathered a lot of positive customer reviews

Our Recommendation

To sum it up, the Consew P1255RB sewing machine is an ideal lockstitch device for any experienced sewist or hobbyist who wants to explore the art of stitching. With exceptional features and accessories, all your sewing dreams will come true!  




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