5 Stuffed Crochet Amigurumi Animals

I am in love with these 5 stuffed crochet amigurumi animals! They are just so cute and squeezable. Amigurumi is the Japanese art of making stuffed animals out of crochet or knitting patterns with yarn. They make the perfect stuffed animals for children and will be treasured for years to come. I have to admit I made one just for myself but I won’t tell you which one, as it would be like choosing your favorite child. Here are my 5 favorite patterns, and you can find them all for free on Hobbii, a great online yarn store from Denmark.
5 Stuffed Crochet Amigurumi Animals

Crochet Panda pattern – Panda Mum

Pandas are the most child-like critters and this cute panda is no exception.  This pattern can easily be made by a beginner, so if you are new to crochet (like me) and love cute animals you’ll definitely want to try crocheting this sweet panda mum.
You will find all the items necessary to make this huggable amigurumi animal, including eyes, stuffing, and of course a big selection of yarn colors at Hobbii.


5 Stuffed Crochet Amigurumi Animals

Herman the Rhino – crocheted Rhino design

Spread love to one of your beloved ones with this super cute baby rhino amigurumi design. You can also spice up the design by adding colorful yarn instead of the traditional gray color. I have no doubt that Herman will have a very special place in every kids room. He also makes a terrific baby shower present. You can even make his girlfriend Hattie if it’s a girl.



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Baby Snuggle Bunny summer night shawlbunny

This super-soft bunny is the perfect companion for small children. Made from soft and chunky microfibre yarn,  Baby Snuggle Bunny has a comforting surface and texture. The crochet pattern is just what every baby or child will want to have as their new best friend. Better make 2 so one can be in the wash without creating an avalanche of tears.


Dragon crochet pattern – Amigurumi design, Dirk the Dragon dragon animarumi stuffed crochet animal

Flying, fire-breathing dragons are scary, but this cute dragon, Dirk, is the perfect friend for all boys or girls. You can switch the green yarn with pink for a more girlish version of this friendly huggable crocheted dragon.

crochet dragon toy Hobbii
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dirk the dragon arigurumi Hobbii
5 Stuffed Crochet Amigurumi Animals
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Crochet ghost, Kawaii amigurumi project ghost amigarumi

She might be a ghost, but this cute little kawaii pattern will not scare anyone. Make this pattern for a less ghoolish decoration for Halloween. The pattern is easy and fast to make. I think I even saw Caspar cuddling up right next to her!


Haven’t seen enough free amigurumi patterns?
Don’t worry ! You can find more than +100 free amigurumi animal patterns at Hobbii.

See all free crochet patterns here.

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