Charmeuse Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Introduction to Charmeuse Fabric

Charmeuse Fabric is known for its lightweight. This fabric is woven with a weave of satin. The warp threads in the charmeuse cross have four or more four threads of the weft. The floating fabrics make the front of the fabric very smooth and shiny, while the fabric’s backside is comparatively dull. 

Though it has a use of satin in it, it does not resemble satin. Additionally, this fabric is also often made of silk, rayon, and polyester. It is becoming one of the most commonly used fabrics in the textile industry throughout the world for various purposes discussed in the coming paragraphs. 


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History of Charmeuse Fabric

The history of charmeuse starts with silk, which dates back to ancient times. The first traces of this fabric were found in China. The silk garments, as discovered by the archaeological expeditions, were found in 3630 BC. However, during that time, the fancy use and texture of silk were unknown to them. Historically, silk was reserved for the royals in China, while average citizens were prohibited from using it or wearing clothes made of this fabric. 

Moreover, the history related to the first Charmeuse fabric is a bit unclear. Over time, when silk garments evolved and transformed into various fabrics, the charmeuse eventually got birth. 

Properties of Charmeuse Fabric

Charmeuse does not have the same characteristics as satin. Some major properties of this fabric are discussed in the following paragraphs. 

Super Light Weight

The charmeuse is known for its lightweight. The lightweight makes it extremely easy to carry ad wear. It also contributes to the higher comfort of these fabrics to a great extent. 

Different Shiny and Matte Sides

One side of the charmeuse has a higher use of satin in it. This makes one side very shiny, while the other side is comparatively dull and has a matte look. The shiny side of this fabric is a bit softer than the other. However, it does not reduce the comfort of these fabrics. You will have greater comfort no matter which side you choose to wear. 

A Bit Expensive 

The charmeuse is a bit expensive to buy due to its unique and high quality. The apparels made of this fabric are often expensive. You should have a good budget if you want to buy something made of charmeuse. Otherwise, you might have to reconsider your thought. 

Common Uses for Charmeuse Fabric

In the following paragraphs, we have discussed common uses of Charmeuse Fabric.

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The most common use of charmeuse fabric can be found in womenswear. This fabric is used for making different kinds of women’s apparel. However, the most famous ones are lingerie, evening wear, gowns, etc. You can find some of the most beautiful and elegantly designed gowns for all types of functions made of this fabric. 


Along with being famous among women, charmeuse is also popular for men’s apparel too. The tied and handkerchiefs made of these fabrics are well-known among men.


Another high use of this fabric is found among bedding items. You will find a range of pillows, sheets, and comforters are made of charmeuse. 

Caring for Charmeuse Fabric

Generally, it is better to hand wash your items made of charmeuse fabric as it is the best method to maintain its quality. You can add the desired amount of delicate detergent and wash it gently with your hands. However, some items also have specific care instructions that are provided with the fabric. Look for it; if your item has, follow it. 


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