Chevron Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

An Introduction to Chevron Fabric

Many of you would like to decorate your living room and drawing room with interesting pieces you made yourself with chevron fabric. Or maybe you are starting a small-scale project of your own where you will sell some of your fabric, handcrafted masterpieces. If all of this sounds appealing to you, then we may have something in the bag for you.

Let us introduce Chevron Fabric to you. This piece of cloth will make your life easier and allow you to create amazing decorations and apparel.

chevron fabric
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The History of Chevron Fabric

This remarkable fabric has been in the history of cloth for a long time now. It is a popular choice of fabric for making garments and decoratives, but many pottery pieces and gowns is woven out of this fabric have been found that date back as far as 1800 BC.

This may have been one of Europeans’ most favorite items as they used to incorporate it in nearly everything. In 1958, two Italian fashion designers revamped its use and launched it into the fashion world. From there, it was picked up, and it became wildly famous in the ’60s and 70’s style.

The Properties of Chevron Fabric

This fabric has many distinct properties, which make it unique. Some of its salient properties are:

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This fabric has fine durability, and this is why it is long-lasting. It doesn’t lose its grace and charm that easily and can last for decades on end.


The strength of this fabric is truly commendable. It will not tear or rip easily so that you can design your clothes and household upholstery from it. Because of its remarkable durability, it is a top choice for curtains.


This fabric is very reasonably priced, and you can easily purchase this fabric without any hesitation.


Many brands actively sell a quality of this fabric that is waterproof. Though it may not be a smart choice to make an umbrella out of it, Chevron is resistant to water. However, many brands make patio umbrellas out of it.

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Common Uses for Chevron Fabric

Chevron is an old fabric, but it has a popular modern time use too. Because of its rich history and wide use, Chevron-patterned fabrics are still used for many different purposes. The most common uses of this fabric are:


Who doesn’t love some glamorous furniture in their homes? That is right, no one! So, people enhance their rooms with beautiful, padded furniture made with this textile. It is available in many different colors, patterns, and textures.


People have worn clothes made out of this fabric for far too long. Many premium quality undergarments and fancy gowns are made from this fabric. It is highly attractive and is used to make pajamas, dresses, socks, shirts, and skirts.

Curtains and Blankets

This fabric is also used to make excellent pillowcases, bedspreads, cushions, throws, and curtains. You will most definitely will find this fabric somewhere in your home.

Caring for Chevron Fabric

Though this fabric has its strength and is super durable, it doesn’t mean that you don’t pay any attention. Clothes are like relationships; no matter how solid they are, you always have to try to take care of them. So, start taking notes!

Don’t heat this fabric too much, and try to iron it on a gentle heat setting. Wash it with chemical-free detergent and try to air dry it rather than machine drying. Use mild wash settings to wash this fabric and then neatly fold it or hand it on your shelf. This way you can save it for your grandchildren too.


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