Black-Top Wool Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Wool has always been an essential fabric for all kinds of clothing. Each wool type has its own importance which is inimitable. Black-top wool fabric is also one of those fantastic wool fabrics that have added more beauty into our fashion industry.

Black-top wool is produced like other ordinary wools. Animals hair like sheep is harvested and spun into yarn. But the other thing in the production of Black-top wool is that it is dyed in black if the harvested hair is in white or another colour, either before harvesting sheep’s hair or after.

This fabric resembles the Black Wool Fabric. Both of these fabrics are produced using the same method and has similar uses.

History of Black-Top Wool Fabric

Production of wool started around 11000 years back when the domestication of sheep started. The breeders of sheep used unique natural processes to enhance the hair quality of sheep because sheep’s hair before domestication was not a useful product. And the production of various kinds of wool, including Black-top wool, started.

Historically, this fabric was used for making military uniforms due to its durability and nature; and afterwards became a massive part of the fashion industry like linen and jacquard.

Properties of Black-Top Wool Fabric

Warm Nature:

Wool by nature is a hot fabric, and addition of this fabric in all fabric types makes it warm. Like all other wool fabrics, the Black-top Wool is also a very warm fabric. It is the best clothing choice for winters.

Sturdy Fibers:

Most of the fabrics in the market are thin. Its thinness makes it less durable and easy to wear and tear. However, the Black-top wool has a very thick and sturdy fibre.

Absorbs Moisture:

This amazing fabric has a moisture-wicking quality. Through this quality, the fabric absorbs the moisture from the environment and gives its users a dry and comfortable wearing experience.


Like all wool fabrics, the Black-top Wool is also a very long-lasting fabric. Its tensile strength is higher than the fabrics like cotton.

Less Flammability:

The Black-top wool is a very flame resistant fabric, unlike nylon which can almost burn the whole wearer’s body. The use of wool in it prevents flame from spreading. It also has self-extinguishing nature which makes it a safe fabric for users. This quality makes it unique and more safe fabric among all fabrics.

Uses of Black-Top Wool Fabric


The Black-top wool has more application in clothing, especially winter clothing. It is used in making various sartorial items like jackets, gloves, socks, sweaters and jackets etc. Using black-top wool in winters will keep you warm and free from cold weather.

Uniforms for Fire Fighters:

As mentioned in its properties, this fabric is highly resistant to the flame, which makes it an ideal fabric for making uniforms for firefighters.

Carpets and Home:

The carpets and rugs made of Black-top wool are aesthetically pleasing due to its colour. It adds more beauty to the home. Moreover, it is also used in making various bedding items like pillows, blankets and cushions etc.

Caring of Black-Top Wool Fabric

Black-top wool is not very difficult to take care of. Users of this fabric can easily maintain the quality and durability of this fabric by following a few basic instructions which are even not hard to follow.

If you have any article made of Black-top wool, you can wash it using a washing machine or hand wash it. It is better to use lukewarm water while washing it. You should not use harsh chemicals as it will harm your fabric and affect its quality. You do not need to iron it as it does not wrinkle.

Where to buy Black-Top Wool Fabric

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