5 Best Embroidery Machines for Hats in 2024

When looking for an embroidery machine specifically for hats, there are options for good quality machines at a range of prices and for users with a range of experience, from beginners working on their first embroidery project to advanced sewers looking to complete professional-level projects.  This buying guide will help you find a machine that fits your budget and experience level to beautifully embroider hats.

Best Embroidery Machines for Hats

Here are our best embroidery machines for hats in 2024.

1. Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine


The Brother PE800 model is an affordable and versatile computerized option for sewers wanting to embroider hats. It has 138 built-in embroidery designs and 11 alpha-numeric fonts specially designed to add unique touches to any project. The needle up/down button and start/stop button make it possible for the sewer to precisely control its embroidery work.  The package also includes a CD with 15,000 more embroidery patterns for endless options.

  • 2-inch LCD color display screen
  • Built-in automatic needle threader
  • USB flash drive port


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2. Brother SE1900 Sewing Embroidery Machine

The Brother SE1900 model is a great option for sewers who want to customize hats with embroidery.  It comes with a hat frame to facilitate embroidery on hats.  It also features 240 sewing stitches and 138 embroidery patterns, including 11 embroidery fonts to allow the sewer to customize any project. Designs can be created and customized with just a few simple steps.

  • Built-in USB port
  • Large 5×7 inch embroidery field
  • 11 alpha-numeric fonts

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3. Janome MB-4S Four Needle Embroidery Machine

The Janome MB-4S model is the perfect embroidery machine for embroidering hats. It has a dedicated bobbin winding motor, which allows bobbins to be wound at the same time as it completes embroidery projects. It also has three MB of memory and can store up to 100 designs.  Designs can also be uploaded via the USB port and the computer screen can be used to adjust both the design and the color.

  • Remote computer screen
  • LED work area lighting
  • Automatic thread cutter

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4. CAMFive EMB HT1501 Single Head Commercial Embroidery Machine

The CamFive EMB HT1501 model is a commercial-level machine that will meet all your embroidery needs and can produce great results when embroidering on hats.  It includes several different embroidery frames for a variety of projects. Designs can be edited, combined, and separated using the large LCD touchscreen. Before starting a new design, you can motion-test it without stitching to avoid wasting fabric.

  • Works with up to 15 colors
  • 8 inch LCD touch screen
  • 22×14 inch work area

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5. Double Lin 15 Needle Embroidery Machine

Double Lin 15 Needle Embroidery Machine


The Double Lin 15-needle model can give professional embroidery results on any type of project, including hats of all types. The embroidery area is 20 by 14 inches and includes software with over 22,000 designs.  It also has a USB port and is capable of storing up to 100 million stitches in its memory. With these capabilities, the sewer can complete any embroidery project they can imagine.

  • Use with up to 15 colors
  • Built-in lettering software
  • Touch LCD control screen

Embroidery Machine for Hats Buyer’s Guide

When you are looking for an embroidery machine to embroider hats, there are some features that are essential and others that are nice bonuses to have.  This buying guide has embroidery machines at a range of prices and also suitable for a range of experience levels, from machines for beginners to commercial level machines which are suitable for more advanced sewers looking to make a serious investment to get professional level results.

The first feature to consider when selecting an embroidery machine for hats is to find a machine that includes a hat embroidery frame.  This allows the hat to be placed in the machine and embroidered just like any other project without having to manipulate and bend the hat excessively.  All of the machines in this buying guide have a dedicated hat frame.

Other features in an embroidery machine, although not essential, are nice to have and expand the sewer’s options for designs and projects that can be completed.  One feature to consider is how many colors the machine can work with at the same time.  The commercial-level machines in this guide can work with up to 15 colors at the same time, which makes work on more complex, multicolor projects quicker. This allows for the quick and easy creation of colorful designs on hats.

Another feature to consider is the number of designs that can be accessed by the embroidery machine. All of the machines featured in this buying guide come programmed with at least 100 embroidery designs, and many also have the option of importing more designs via USB port.  The machines also feature embroidery fonts in English and even other languages to allow for monogramming of projects.  Some machines also allow for designs to be edited on an LCD screen.  All of these options work together to allow for almost endless variation when selecting embroidery designs for hats. By using this buying guide, you can find the perfect embroidery machine for any hat design you can imagine.

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