Crepe Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Introduction to Crepe Fabric

Looking for crepe fabric? Many people are a fan of silk because of its soft and smooth texture. They mainly use that versatile and popular fabric to design fancy formal and occasional wear. But if you too are a big fan of silk, one thing you must have been annoyed by is how it slips so often. 

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Fashion designers took notice of this issue, and they tried to rectify it. This was when fabric landed on the map of textiles. It is just like silk; lustrous, elegant, and gorgeous.

But it has a slightly rigged and pebbly texture. It is like a stiff version of silk that will not fall but rather grip your skin or your undergarments. However, its look is wildly similar to that of silk and satin. Let us review why this fabric will be your new favorite.

History of Crepe

The name crepe was given to fabric that had crinkles and pebbled textures. Though no clear point in history indicates the invention of this fabric, we did see that in the 19th century, this fabric was the highlight of public events and gatherings. And since then, it has soared in the textile industry.


Properties of Crepe

Crepe can be made from many different fabrics like silks, cotton, , and many others. Based on the fabric’s fibers, it can be tailored into any textile you like. But all of them have few basic properties like:

Fine and Luxurious

If someone sells you this fabric for a hefty price, you might just take it because this fabric looks highly luxurious.

Lustrous shine and Distinctive Sheen

Like silk, there is a distinct shimmer and shine in this fabric that allows it to outshine the rest.


Crepe is a super lightweight and easy-to-carry fabric. Because of its fibers, it doesn’t feel too heavy to be worn.



The fibers of this fabric are woven so that they are set apart, allowing the passing of air so that the fabric remains comfortable and breathable.


The fibers of this fabric are relatively thick, and they have a good propensity to absorb moisture and water a lot more than their weight.

Gorgeous Drape

The drape of the crepe is simply gorgeous. It flows like water.

Used for different design techniques

This fabric is so versatile that you can experiment with many different designs and fashion techniques on it. You can do embroidery on it, you can get it dyed easily, and you can print different patterns and motifs on it.


Common Uses for Crepe

This beautiful and gorgeous fabric is not just thrown around everywhere for you. It is super exclusive and is reserved for a few handfuls of purposes. But the most salient uses of crepe fabric are:


Many known and well-reputed brands choose this fabric to design trendy, blouses, and other fashion accessories.


In countries like India and Pakistan, common festive wear like saris and lehengas are made out of this beautiful fabric.

It is also used to design premium dresses and occasional wear. Women who don’t choose stain or silk for wedding dresses opt for crepe because of its beautiful look, shimmer, and stiffness.


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