5 Best Fabrics for Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a great way to accessorize any room. Small or large, square or round, patterned or solid, throw pillows let you express your style. Brighten up a neutral space or design pillows to blend in. Throw pillows can really make a piece of furniture like a sofa, a chair, or even a bed, more comfortable.
FabricFeaturesRecommended Use
Richloom Solarium Outdoor Fresca Cobalt100% polyester, fade-resistant, stain-resistant, water-resistantOutdoor throw pillows, patios, pool sides, outdoor furniture
100% European Linen OatmealPremium quality, medium weight, breathableThrow pillows, window treatments, bedding, apparel items
Cotton + Steel Rifle Paper Co. Canvas Amalfi Herb Garden Natural50% cotton, 50% linen, durable, classyThrow pillows, window treatments, tote bags, apparel items
9.3 oz. Canvas Duck Natural100% cotton, medium to heavyweight, versatileThrow pillows, window treatments, upholstery projects
Shannon Studio Minky Cuddle Rosie Blush100% polyester, soft, various colors and printsThrow pillows for children’s rooms, nurseries

Best Fabric for Throw Pillows

Here are our Fabric for Throw Pillows Reviews

1. Richloom Solarium Outdoor Fresca Cobalt

Richloom Solarium Outdoor Fresca Cobalt

This fabric is made of 100% polyester and the design is screen printed onto the fabric. This Solarium Outdoor fabric is just right for outdoor throw pillows. The fabric was designed to be able to withstand 500 hours of direct sunlight without fading. It also resists stains and is water resistant.

  • Perfect for many other projects and can be used for patios, pool sides, outdoor furniture, tablecloths, tote bags, or more
  • The life of the fabric can be extended by bringing pillows indoors when not being used
  • The fabric can just be wiped clean or washed with a warm water and mild soap
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2. 100% European Linen Oatmeal

European 100 Linen Cream

Linen is an extremely durable fabric, but is also luxurious and elegant. It breathes well and is very versatile. This line of linen is premium quality, medium weight, and is 100% linen. The line comes in a wide variety of colors.

  • Fairly budget friendly for premium quality fabric
  • Perfect for throw pillows, window treatments, bedding, apparel items, and more
  • Fabric can be machine washed to soften it or to maintain the body of the fabric, it can be dry cleaned
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3. Cotton + Steel Rifle Paper Co. Canvas Amalfi Herb Garden Natural

Cotton Steel Rifle Paper Co. Canvas Amalfi Herb Garden

This collection is filled with gorgeous colors and prints. The fabrics are quite interesting and unique. The fabric is medium weight and is a 50%/50% blend of cotton and linen. The fabric is durable, but also classy and elegant. It is also extremely versatile.

  • Cotton and linen tend to be durable, but also look elegant and classy
  • Can be used for throw pillows, window treatments, accessories like tote bags, or even apparel items
  • Machine wash on gentle and tumble dry on low heat
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4. 9.3 oz. Canvas Duck Natural

9.3 oz. Canvas Duck Natural

Canvas Duck is a medium to heavyweight fabric that is 100% cotton. This fabric is very versatile. It can be used for throw pillows, or for window treatments or even some upholstery projects like slipcovers, for matching accents throughout a room, as well as many more projects.

  • Machine wash with warm water and tumble dry- no bleach
  • Budget friendly
  • Cotton tends to be durable and holds up well over time
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5. Shannon Studio Minky Cuddle Rosie Blush

Shannon Studio Minky Cuddle Cactus Bloom Bluebell

This Minky fabric is wonderfully soft. This line comes in a ton of different colors and prints. From plaid to floral, dinosaurs to cactuses, this fabric is just right for making throw pillows, especially if they’re being designed for a child’s bedroom, a nursey, or just to add a pop of color and softness to any room.

  • The fabric is 100% polyester
  • Features a 3mm pile
  • Machine wash, tumble dry on low heat
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Fabric for Throw Pillows Buying Guide

Throw pillows can be a good addition to any room and just about any décor, but they are often quite expensive. Many people are often surprised at the cost of just one throw pillow. If you have a lot of decorating to do and you’re on a budget, don’t worry! There’s a solution. Make your own! Throw pillows can be quite easy to make- there are even quite a few no-sew patterns out there.

Budgeting for Greatness

You can make great throw pillows, even on a budget. Many fabrics are quite affordable, even if they are good quality, durable fabrics like cotton, linen, polyester, or even minky. Indoor/outdoor fabrics are great for really sunny areas or for high traffic areas that have the potential to see spills. Linen can be a classy, elegant choice, while cottons come in so many different colors and prints. You can usually find something that can be purchased on a budget and will still last.

So Many Choices

When it comes to fabric for throw pillows, you’re probably going to find that you have more choices than not. No matter what type of fabric you’d like to use, there are generally many different colors and prints to choose from. You’ll ultimately need to pick your fabrics based on what you like best, what the purpose of your pillows is, where they’ll be located (some throw pillows can be used outdoors), how durable they need to be (some pillows need to survive in households with pets and young children), and what color your décor already is.

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