Bernette B35 Review Pros and Cons 

Bernette 35
A tool like Bernette B35 is a beginner’s perfect sewing buddy. The model carries all the essential accessories and fundamental stitch patterns. With its simplistic and orderly operation, a beginner will find this tool to be beneficial.
Key PointsDetails
ModelBernette B35
Ideal UserBeginners
FeaturesMechanical, Easy Handling Knobs, 23 Basic Stitch Patterns, Manual Needle Cutter and Needle Threader, Handles Multiple Fabrics
ProsStylish Look, Compact and Portable, Beginner-friendly, Affordable, Works with Universal Bobbins, Can Handle Heavy Fabrics
ConsButtonholes may be larger than expected, Atypical bobbin loading might not be feasible for some users
PerformanceGood stitch quality, Can handle heavy fabrics, User-friendly, Attractive design
Comparison to CompetitionBetter at handling heavy fabrics, More manageable for beginners compared to computerized machines
Reasons to ChooseGood with thick materials, Decent construction quality, Affordable, Lightweight and portable
RecommendationIdeal for beginners due to its mechanical setup, bobbin compatibility, and basic stitch patterns
Bernette plays it safe when it comes to the design of B35. The sophisticated yet simplistic looks of the machine will match anyone’s taste. Not only because of the aesthetics but also the functions, this tool can quickly become the centerpiece of your workstation. 
Bernette B35 manages to tick off all the right boxes when it comes to a beginner-friendly tool. You’ll also notice that the unit opts for a unique bobbin loading mechanism. 
In this piece, we’ll present you the features, pros, and cons of the Bernette B35. A quick read will help you to find a suitable model. Check Today's Price on SewingMachinesPlus 
One of the most crucial things that will add up to your buying decision is the features on the Bernette B35. After our close inspection, these are the best features that we found on the model: 


Computerized machines are dominating the market currently. However, since you want to learn from scratch, using a mechanized variant is a good choice. Besides, the mechanical units tend to have a better lifespan, and they’re easier to control. 

Working with computerized units requires more skills and patients. Even today, many people swear by using conventional mechanical units. Why? Because they start on the primary level and are not complicated. 

Easy Handling Knobs 

Before starting on your project, you have to adjust the machine’s settings using knobs. There are three knobs on the front of the Bernette B35. Through these knobs, you can adjust the pattern, length, and width of the stitches. 
These knobs are easy to use and easy to understand. Well, that’s one benefit of going mechanical. 


Being a beginner-friendly machine, the B35 consists of all the basic stitch patterns. With the 23 stitches, you can start steadily on your sewing learning curve. Besides, the somewhat limited variety will not feel overwhelming for primary-level sewists. 

You can also add buttonholes in one step. Beginners who are looking to learn the craft of sewing will love the simplicity of Bernette B35.  

Needle Cutter And Needle Threader 

The needle threader and needle cutter on the B35 require some manual inputs. Some people prefer computerized units because these two features are automatic there. However, many sewists consider it a value to master the manual process of these tasks. 

Besides, if the situation asks for a manual performance, you’ll have the skills to carry it out. 

Multiple Fabrics 

Despite being a simplistic version, it can manage multiple fabrics. Other than the lightweight ones, you can also use the tool for heavyweight sewing fabrics. If you use the right feet for the task, you can sew up denim and leather with the Bernette B35. 

The ability to tackle a variety of materials makes the Bernette B35 a versatile tool. Therefore, beginners can start with lightweight fabrics. When they are ready for heavy fabrics, they don’t have to switch the machine. 

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Bernette B35 Pros 

The many features in the Bernette B35 allow it to deliver plenty of advantages to the users. You can read all the pros of Bernette B35 below: 

  • The Bernette B35 has a stylish and appealing look. The device will look perfect in your apartment, workstation, or anywhere else. 
  • You’ll find this compact model to be portable and easy to store. It is lightweight, and hence, you can tuck it in your cupboard whenever you want. 
  • Its easy-to-use design is a perfect choice for beginners. The material and stitch options are adequate for the starter level. 
  • Bernette B35 offers a dozen of features at one of the most intriguing price points in the market. With the Bernette B35, your wallet won’t be crying for help. 
  • Bobbin compatibility is a significant issue with most sewing tools. However, this one can work with universal bobbins. 
  • Users can stitch up heavy fabric like leather and denim with the unit. 

Bernette B35 Cons 

Bernette B35 is not free of flaws. This section will walk you through the cons of the unit. Take a look: 

  • Some users report that the resulting buttonholes come out more prominent than they expect. As a result, this could add more work for the users. 
  • The atypical bobbin loading might not feel feasible for many of the users. 

Bernette B35 Performance 

There are many features and functions in the Bernette. However, that doesn’t ensure its quality performance. In this section, we weigh the Bernette B35 in several performance aspects. Moreover, it’ll give you a good idea of whether the B35 is the one for you or not. 


The look and appeal of the sewing machine might not be necessary for many users. However, you don’t want an old, mechanical, and unappealing tool sitting on your studio desk. 

With its aesthetic design, the B35 wants to appeal to young sewists. The Bernette B35 dons black accents and casing. All in all, you’ll find it to be attractive and inviting to try it. 

The B35 also devotes patterns in a warm brown shade. It breaks the stern and mechanical look of the tool. The Bernette B35 has a standard sizing with the weight on the lighter side. So, you can take it along with you in sewing classes or your studio. 


As was previously stated, there are many features of this tool. But do they stand to the hype? There are all the basic stitch patterns available on the unit. However, some users might feel that they are limited. 

Also, the threader and needle cutter will require some manual input. So, if you are looking for a completely automatic machine, the B35 might be a disappointment. 

Output Quality

Coming to the most important part, i.e., the stitch quality. As compared to the fellow sewing machine brands, the Bernette B35 stitches are pretty solid. Though the number of stitches is low, for commercial projects, they are enough. 

Above all, you can rely on the stitch quality to sustain for long. 

Handling Heavy Fabrics 

Another performance aspect that impresses us is its ability to handle heavy fabrics. Since this is is a professional heavy-duty unit, you can expect it to perform well with heavy materials. With the appropriate feed, you can also stitch up denim using the machine. 

Overall Ease of Use 

Along with being portable and compact, the unit is relatively easy to use. There are simple yet helpful features that can be of great use for a beginner. The number of stitches is limited simply for the fact to ensure that the unit is user-friendly. 

How Bernette B35 Stands Against Competition? 

Which sewing machine should you choose, the Bernette B35 or its rivals? To help you in your hunt for a sewing machine, we’ve curated some points that speak in favor of Bernette B35. Here’s how Bernette B35 is a better competitor: 

  • Not all machines are good at handling heavy fabrics. However, the B35 does it like a pro. 
  • Since this one is mechanical, it’ll be a good start for a beginner. Most computerized machines have complicated knobs and controls. In short, the B35 keeps it manageable. 

Why Should You Choose The Bernette B35? 

There are many strengths in the Bernette B35, which makes it quite an attractive product. In this section, we’ll list the most important reasons why the Bernette 35 is the perfect model. 

  • Fabric Handling: if you are going to work with thick materials, the Bernette B35 is your go-to option. 
  • Decent Quality: The construction quality of the Bernette B35 is relatively good. You can rest assured that the machine will be a part of your sewing arsenal for quite some time. 
  • Affordable Price Tag: One compelling reason to buy the Bernette B35 is that it is cheap. Budget buyers, be alert! 
  • Portable: If you carry your sewing machine every day to workshops or other places, you’ll like the lightweight Bernette B35. 

Our Recommendation 

The features of the Bernette B35 are the correct approach for beginners. The ideal mechanical setup, bobbin compatibility, stitch patterns make it a beginner-friendly tool. All in all, the Bernette B35 can whet all your appetite for trying your hands on sewing

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