5 Best Glues for Glitter on Fabric

Different glues can be used for applying glitter to fabric, but the type of glue that is best for a certain project will ultimately depend on what the project is. Some fabrics that can be decorated with glitter aren’t ever going to be have to be washed, while apparel items will often require a glue that is suitable for both wearing and washing. The type of glitter used will also vary from project to project and might affect which glue is being used. Regular glitter for paper crafts probably won’t hold up well to multiple washing, so be sure to get an appropriate glitter for the type of project being undertaken.
Glue for Glitter on FabricKey FeaturesPrice on Amazon
Aleene’s OK to WashSafe for washing, dries clear and flexibleCheck Price
Design Master Glue For GlitterAerosol can, dries clear, non-tackyCheck Price
Scotch Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive SprayDries strong and durable, bonds quicklyCheck Price
Mod Podge CS11203 Waterbase SealeThree-in-one product (glue, seal, finish), dries clearCheck Price

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Best Glues for Glitter on Fabric

Here are our glue for glitter on fabric reviews.

1. TULIP Fashion Glitter Bond

TULIP Fashion Glitter Bond

Tulip is a well known name, especially when it comes to products for fabrics. While Tulip makes great lines of fabric paint and fabric markers, they also make some neat products like this adhesive. The adhesive is specially made to bond glitter to fabric.

  • This glue is easy to apply and remains flexible after it dries
  • This glue is permanent and is also washable
  • Can be used with fashion glitter

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2. Aleene’s OK to Wash

Aleenes OK to Wash

This fabric glue is a great choice for adhering glitter to fabrics, like apparel items, that need to stand up to washing. The glue can also be used to attach trims, ribbons, and other embellishments to fabric, as well as glitter. Apply glue with the precision tip or use a brush to cover a wider surface area much more quickly.

  • This glue is safe to be washed when it is fully dry, which takes about seven to ten days (wash inside out on gentle cycle and air dry)
  • This glue will not work well with fabrics like rayon, satin, or silk
  • Glue dries clear, stays flexible, and will not turn yellow with time

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3. Design Master Glue For Glitter

Design Master Glue For Glitter

This glue does exactly what the name indicates. It is a great adhesive for bonding glitter. While most adhesives come in a tube or tub and look like a crafting glue, this adhesive comes in an aerosol can. The adhesive can be used to adhere glitter and can also be used as a top coat to seal everything in.

  • The adhesive dries clear
  • This adhesive is non-tacky and is acid-free
  • The adhesive can be used on many different surfaces including fabric, some foam products, paper, and more

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4. Scotch Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive Spray

Scotch Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive Spray

This spray adhesive comes in an aerosol can, which makes it a good choice for covering larger surface areas quite quickly and efficiently. The adhesive will work well with a number of different surfaces. Use it to adhere and bond fabric, plastic, metal, cardboard, wood, felt, and more.

  • This adhesive dries strong and is durable
  • The adhesive bonds quickly
  • Acid free formula that dries clear and won’t bleed through

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5. Mod Podge CS11203 Waterbase Seale

Mod Podge CS11203 Waterbase Seale

This Mod Podge is a great product because it’s actually a three in one product, not just a glue. It can also be used to seal and finish. Mod Podge can be used to apply glitter to fabric, and it can also be used to seal and finish a project after it dries. The product dries quickly so that multiple coats can be used. Mod Podge can be used on many other projects as well, as it is a very versatile adhesive.

  • Mod Podge dries clear
  • Can be applied with a brush or a sponge and usually dries within twenty minutes
  • Mod Podge is water based and non-toxic

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Glue for Glitter on Fabric Buying Guide

Glitter projects can be fun for both children and adults, and everyone in between. Glitter allows for some real creativity. Add that extra sparkle or unique touch to an item. Glitter can be fairly inexpensive to purchase and most fabric glues that will work with glitter are budget friendly as well, which means that you can have even more fun creating.

Washing Glitter Apparel Items

Apparel items that have glitter glued on is often a little bit more complicated than simply tossing the item into the washing machine. First, be sure that all newly created items have had time to dry. Some glues don’t fully dry for up to ten days. Most drying instructions can be found right on the adhesive’s bottle or can or the packaging. Turn all items inside out. Some glues require that the item be machine washed on gentle and air dried after. Some glues will require that the item be hand washed.

Glues and Sealers

Some glues also act as a sealer. With glitter, it’s often a good idea to use a glue as the base layer and use a sealer after that layer and the glitter is fully dry to finish. Using a sealer helps prevent glitter from falling off in the future. Be sure to use the glue’s instructions for sealing. Resist the urge to heap on layer after layer. Even glues that can be applied in layers generally require just a thin layer of the glue to be used. Be sure to wait until everything is fully dry before wearing or laundering.

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