5 Best Fabric Transfer Papers

Transfer paper is a unique product that allows for personalization and customization of many different items. Transfer pictures, graphics, logos, and more onto t-shirts, totes, and other items and fabrics. Transfer paper is usually designed for use with an inkjet printer and that printer’s ink. The image is printed onto the transfer paper, and then the image can generally be applied to the item by using heat.
Fabric Transfer PaperPros
Avery Printable Heat Fabric– High quality
– Works with dark fabrics
– Can be used with most printers
– Transferred image stays crisp after washes
Inkjet Printable Iron On Heat Transfer for Dark Fabrics– Works best with dark fabrics
– Comes in a package of 25 sheets
– Good quality and withstands repeated washing
– Works with most inkjet printers
Avery Printable T-Shirt Transfers– Designed for light colored fabrics
– Works with many different fabrics
– Can be used with an iron or heat press machine
– Designs withstand repeated washing
Jolee’s Boutique Easy Image– Designed for use with white fabrics
– Comes with 10 sheets
– Personalizable designs available
– Items can be washed after transfer
Epson Iron-on Cool Peel– Works best with Epson printers and ink
– Easy peel after heat application
– Comes with 10 sheets
– Transferred image holds up after washes

Best Fabric Transfer Paper

Here are our fabric transfer paper reviews

1. Avery Printable Heat Fabric

Pack of 5 Printable Heat Fabric Transfer Paper for Dark T shirts Totes and Bags by Avery 3279

Avery transfer paper is high quality. Many heat transfer papers will work well with lighter colored clothing, but not darker colors. This paper is specially made to work with dark fabrics. This transfer paper will work with most printers. Designs can be transferred from the paper with an iron.

  • The transferred image or design should stay crisp for more than twenty washes
  • Can be used to add images to t-shirts, sweaters, tanks, or items like totes, pillows, or more
  • Images and designs can be transferred in just a few minutes

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2. Inkjet Printable Iron On Heat Transfer for Dark Fabrics

Inkjet Printable Iron On Heat Transfer for Dark Fabrics 8.5 x 11 inch 100 Sheets by NuFun Activi

This package of transfer paper works best with dark fabrics. It comes in a package of 25 sheets that are 8.5 x 11. The transfer paper works great for fabrics of all different kids including apparel items like t-shirts, hats, and aprons, and will also work on accessories like totes, bags, and pillows.

  • This transfer paper is good quality and is designed to withstand repeated washing
  • Works well with most inkjet printers, as well as some laserjet printers, and cutting machines
  • Designs can be applied to fabric using an iron

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3. Avery Printable T-Shirt Transfers

Avery Printable T Shirt Transfers For Use on Light Fabrics Inkjet Printers 6 Paper Transfers 327

This transfer paper made by Avery is specifically designed to be used on light colored fabrics. The package comes with 6 sheets of 8.5 x 11 transfer paper. The paper will work with many different fabrics. T-shirts, tanks, and sweaters can be customized, as well as bags, totes, and other items.

  • Can be used with an iron to transfer the image or with a heat press machine
  • The designs will withstand repeated washing
  • This transfer paper is designed to work best with 100% cotton or poly/cotton blends

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4. Jolee’s Boutique Easy Image

Jolees Boutique Easy Image Iron on Transfer Paper White Fabrics 2 Pack

This iron-on transfer paper is designed for use with white fabrics only. The package comes with 10 sheets of 8.5 x 11 heat transfer paper. The paper should work with many different inkjet printers and is great for personalizing many different apparel items, accessories, and more.

  • Jolee’s website offers designs and templates that can be personalized and printed
  • Items can be machine washed or hand washed after
  • Designs can be applied to fabric with an iron

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5. Epson Iron-on Cool Peel

Epson Iron on Cool Peel Transfer 8.5x11 Inches 10 Sheets S041153White

While some transfer paper can be used with any inkjet printer and that printer’s ink, for this paper to work best, Epson does recommend that an Epson printer and Epson ink be used for best results. This transfer paper allows a personalized image to be printed on the paper, then transferred to different fabrics like a t-shirt or a tote bag.

  • The transfer should peel off easily after heat is applied and it cools- can be ironed on with a regular iron
  • This package comes with 10 sheets of 5 x 11 transfer paper
  • The transferred image should hold up, even after multiple washes

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Fabric Transfer Paper Buying Guide

Fabric transfer paper can be a unique tool that makes it easy and fun to personalize or decorate a wide variety of different fabrics and materials. Transfer paper is usually quite inexpensive and many packages come with ten or more sheets. Many transfer paper brands will work with many different inkjet printers, while some will even work with laserjet printers as well. The printed designs are often easy to apply and can be transferred using an iron.

Fun at Home

Transfer paper is a great way to have some budget friendly fun at home. Heat transfers are great for those who want to personalize an object or aspiring designers who don’t want to pay the cost of having items printed at a retailer. Many times, to get custom designed t-shirts, totes, or sweaters, you have to order quite a few of the same item. Transfer paper lets you take an image and print it just once, if that’s all you want to do. It’s a cost effective way to liven up t-shirts, sweaters, totes, accessories, and more.


Most transfer paper is well designed and has some great properties. Once transferred, most images from good quality paper will appear sharp and will stay that way, even after multiple washes. When it comes to laundering items, most can be hand or machine washed, even many times, after the transfer is applied. There are specific kinds of transfer paper that work best with both light and dark fabrics.

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