5 Best Fabric Adhesives

Fabric adhesives, or fabric glues, are a popular choice for many sewers and crafters, but they are also great for at home use for mending tears in garments, patching up fabrics around the house, or for those who don’t want the time or the hassle that comes with sewing. Fabric adhesives come in a wide variety of mediums and can be used on many different types of fabrics.

Best Fabric Adhesives

Here are our fabric adhesive reviews

1. Tear Mender Fabric and Leather Adhesive

Tear Mender Fabric and Leather Adhesive

Tear Mender is an amazing adhesive that forms long lasting, durable bonds to many different types of fabrics including leather and vinyl. The glue is fast drying and garments can be worn after three minutes and laundered after fifteen minutes of the adhesive being applied. There are ton of different uses for Tear Mender. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. Patch clothing, leather, vinyl, upholstery, or even things like sporting gear or outdoor tarps.

  • The glue is waterproof after it dries
  • Remains flexible after drying
  • Glue is natural, which means it is non-toxic, as well as acid free

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2. Aleene’s Quick Dry Fabric Fusion

Aleene’s Quick Dry Fabric Fusion

Those familiar with what a great product Aleene’s Fabric Fusion is will be delighted to learn that there is a new formula that dries five times faster. Aleene’s fabric adhesives are always a popular choice with crafters, sewers, quilters, and all those looking for no-sew alternatives. Aleene’s Quick Dry Fabric Fusion not only dries fast, it is also incredible durable.

  • This glue is super strong and durable, but it also remains flexible after it’s dry
  • Stands up to repeated washing
  • Can be used on a wide range of fabrics

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3. Dritz Adhesive Liquid Stitch

Dritz Adhesive Liquid Stitch is a great all around adhesive that has many functions and can tackle many different jobs. This adhesive is great for mending torn fabrics or fabrics with holes as a no-sew alternative, but it can also be used to attach things like sequins or rhinestones to fabrics, or to apply patches.

  • Great for crafting, sewing, and for use on fabrics and textiles around the home
  • Holds up to machine washing and drying
  • Dries fast and provides a permanent, durable hold
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4. Guetermann Textile Glue

Guetermann Textile Glue

This adhesive is one of those amazing glues that is designed for fabrics and textiles, but has so many other applications. The adhesive can be used on a wide variety of fabrics including leather, wool, PVC and many others. It can also be applied to surfaces like wood and metal which is great news for crafters and for those doing sewing projects like purses.

  • Dries super strong
  • Withstands washing and even withstands dry cleaning
  • Bonds quickly and stays flexible

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5. Odif USA 505 Temporary Adhesive for Fabric

Odif USA 505 Temporary Adhesive for Fabric

It might be questioned why anyone would want a temporary fabric adhesive, but repositionable, temporary adhesives are extremely useful in quilting and sewing projects. Positioning is key and not everyone gets it right the first time. Appliques can be tricky and this spray adhesive can really take the guesswork and frustration out of sewing them. This spray adhesive is also great for holding and bonding fabric temporarily for sewing jobs like hemming and embroidery.

  • Odorless, colorless, and acid free
  • Does not cause sewing needles to get sticky or gummy
  • Spray adhesives are generally quite easy to apply and save a lot of time

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Fabric Adhesives Buying Guide

Fabric Adhesives or fabric glues are a useful and practical item to have in any craft room or around the house. Fabric adhesives can save time, especially in sewing and quilting projects, and they can definitely save a lot of money by repairing holes or tears in clothing or even in furniture upholstery, window treatments, or in other accents around the house. One little bottle really can do double duty and it’s surprising just how far one bottle will go.

No Sew

Sewing is an excellent skill to have and a great hobby. However, many people don’t have the budget, the time, or the know-how to take on even small, hand sewing projects. Fabric adhesives are a great no-sew option. Not only are these adhesives generally very strong, they are also flexible, versatile, and hold up to washing, making them a great alternative to sewing. There are other times when, even during sewing, putting in stitches to hold something in place is going to be difficult, time consuming, or impractical. Fabric adhesives are a great option for things like temporary holds and positioning, and for things like appliques.

Get Crafty

Fabric adhesives aren’t just made for adhering fabric to fabric. You can use them for a ton of other jobs! Many people love buying fabric adhesives to use for crafty projects or just regular sewing projects. There are adhesives that work well with other mediums like wood or metal. If you’re sewing purses, bags, or making luggage, that’s great news. Other adhesives work well with embellishments like lace, trims, or things like sequins and rhinestones, so get crafty.

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