5 Best Fabrics for Dish Towels

Dish towels, or tea towels, can be a staple of the kitchen. Not only are they functional, but they also serve as a decorative accessory that is often on display. Dish towels are often made of absorbent fabrics. Natural fibers like cotton and linen are often going to work well. They absorb well, are durable, and can generally be laundered quite easily.

Best Fabric for Dish Towels

Here are our fabric for dish towels reviews.

1. Kaufman Sevenberry Canvas

Kaufman Sevenberry Canvas Forest

This medium weight canvas fabric is a blend of 80% cotton and 20% flax (linen). Cotton and linen are absorbent, durable, and they breathe well. Canvas fabric actually tends to get softer with every single washing. This fabric comes in many cute and unique patterns.

  • The fabric can be used for other projects like home décor items, accessories, and apparel items
  • Machine wash on cold, tumble dry on low heat
  • The fabric has a more rustic look and feel
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2. Cotton + Steel Rifle Paper

Cotton Steel Rifle Paper Co. English Garden Meadow

Canvas is actually a great fabric to use for making dish towels. Canvas is thicker and heavier weight, so it will tend to be durable, which is great for hard working towels. Canvas is usually made up of cotton or a blend of both linen and cotton. The fibers of the fabric will actually get softer with time and more washing. This fabric comes in beautiful floral and unique butterfly prints.

  • Fabric is an 80% cotton, 20% linen blend and is medium weight
  • Machine wash and tumble dry on low heat
  • Canvas fabric can be used for many other projects like pillows, window treatments, accessories like tote bags, apparel, and more
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3. Kaufman Kona Premium

Kaufman Kona Premium Muslin 44 Optic White

Historically, many dish towels were double sided and were made of unbleached cotton muslin. Cotton muslin is a durable, diverse fabric that can be used for quilting, clothing, utility uses, crafts, and many other projects. This fabric is 100% cotton

  • 200 thread count
  • Machine wash on gentle and tumble dry on low heat
  • Try pairing muslin with other patterned cottons
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4. 9 oz Comfort Cotton Terry

9 oz Comfort Cotton Terry Cloth White

Cotton is a great fabric to use for dish towels because it so absorbent and breathes well. This terry cloth fabric might not be the obvious choice for dish towels, but it is heavyweight and very absorbent. Try pairing a lighter weight patterned cotton fabric with a more durable terry cloth fabric on the back side for durability and absorbency.

  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry on low heat
  • The fabric is also great for making towels, bathing suit cover ups, robes, and more
  • 100% cotton
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5. Shannon Waffle 10 Ounce Cloth White

Shannon Waffle 10 Ounce Cloth White
From the Terry Cloth Cuddle collection, this textured waffle terry cloth fabric is extremely durable and also very versatile. Waffle cloth is generally very absorbent, but the weave of the fabric also ensures that it breathes well and let air passes through, which means that it also tends to dry quickly.

  • The fabric is great for making dish towels and is also great for making loungewear, wash cloths, baby items and many more projects
  • 100% cotton
  • Machine wash, tumble dry on low heat
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Fabric for Dish Towels Buying Guide

Cottons and linens are generally widely available in many different patterns, prints, and fabric types. They are often quite inexpensive to purchase. Many cotton and linen fabrics can be used to make other home décor items, so you can make matching accents like pillows or window treatments. Some of these fabrics can be used for quilting and apparel as well, which is a great way to use up any leftover fabric, or to get deals for ordering larger quantities of fabric.

Mix and Match

If you’re looking for a dish towel that is going to be absorbent, durable, and more utility in use, but you want the added bonus of a unique pattern, try blending fabrics. Many dish towels are double sided. You could combine a printed cotton with a terry cloth bottom, or a printed cotton with a waffle cloth bottom. The combinations you can make are nearly limitless.

Get Crafty

Dish towels are a project that is fairly simple to make. Even if you’re a beginner at sewing, there are tons of tutorials online that can help get you started. Dish towels are something that just about everyone uses. They make thoughtful gifts that friends and family will probably really appreciate getting.

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