Cotton Lawn Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Introduction to Cotton Lawn

Don’t you just wish that you could wear bathing suits all day long in summers? Aren’t you just tired of wearing heavy clothes that you feel suffocated in, all the while you are sweating your eyes off under the scorching sun? One should look for an effective solution to remedy this issue.

We have one fabric in the bank for you, which is just as breathable and lightweight. You can wear it all day in summers, and you will remain as cool as ice. This fabric is a popular choice in the summer and spring seasons as it is woven with combed and carded yarns. This not only offers the perfect fabric for hot weather, but it also gives a sheer appearance. Let us closely review this fabric!

History of Cotton Lawn

The term lawn may sound familiar to you if you have heard of a French city named Lyon. This is where the textile was first woven, and since then, the name caught on. Initially, the cloth lawn was made with just linen. It was so because, at that time in Europe, linen was abundant and super cheap.

Later the imports of cotton from India became increasingly popular, weavers of lawn cloth saw this as an opportunity, and they capitalized on it. They began producing lawn cloth with cotton, and this version was preferred over the previous one. Right along this, Indian cotton was also penetrating the French textile market.

Indians begin designing their traditional Shalwar Kameez suits with this, and from there, the fabric caught the eye of fashion experts. To date, this fabric is very well admired.

Properties of Cotton Lawn

The salient and prominent features of this fabric are:


The fibers of this fabric are woven apart to allow the flow of air to be continuous.

Good Drape

This fabric has an excellent drape, quite similar to that of silk.

Highly Absorbent but Dries fast

It can absorb 65% of moisture of its weight and still not drip, but it dries just as fast.

Good Strength and Resistant to abrasion

Lawn cloth is durable and does not tear or rip easily.

Biodegradable and Recyclable

This fabric contributes to the preservation of the environment.

Easy to dye

You can dye this remarkable fabric in whichever color you like.

Common Uses for Cotton Lawn

This fabric is quite versatile, and its uses are not limited to a few. The most known and prominent uses of Cotton Lawn are:


Premium suits, dresses, gowns, and fancy wear are designed from this fabric. It is a commonly used fabric when it comes to the making of suits in India or Pakistan.


Lawn cloth is a popular choice for choosing the material used in the making of lingerie and undergarments. This easy to carry and wear fabric makes it the ideal choice for this use.


Many western designers are crazy about this fabric as comfortable and stylish blouses and shirts are designed.


As this fabric is light in weight and quite breathable, it qualifies as the perfect material to be used as a pillow cover, bedspread, and other bedding accessories.

Caring for Cotton Lawn

When it comes to caring for lawns, you don’t need to have an advanced degree in textile designing to know how to deal with this fabric. It is pretty basic; as this fabric is sturdy and durable, you can wash it in the machine, but try to choose the gentle cycle. Do not use any harsh detergents or chemicals as they can harm the fibers of cotton.

You can use mild fabric softeners and dry it in the machine, but air drying will increase its lifespan. If you take good care of this fabric, you could wear it for many upcoming years!

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