5 Best Tapes for Fabric

Fabric tape is an extremely popular and useful tool to have both in the crafting room and outside of it too. Fabric tape can be used for many different applications. It comes in all different sizes and different strengths as well. Fabric tape is a great solution for quick fixes or for those who don’t have the time, the knowledge, or a sewing machine to complete projects with.

Best Tape for Fabric

Here are our Tape for Fabric Reviews.

1. Aleene’s 29134 Fabric Fusion Tape

Aleenes 29134 Fabric Fusion Tape

Like many fabric tapes, this tape is double sided. It provides a permanent bond to fabrics. The tape does not require sewing or heat to adhere. Fabric Fusion Tape is a great tool to have to fix clothing or household fabric items.

  • Comes in a 20 foot roll and different widths can be purchased
  • Stays flexible after the adhesive dries
  • Machine washable
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2. Dritz Stitch Witchery

Dritz Stitch Witchery Ultra Light Weight fusible bonding web 5 8 Inch X 20 Yards White

Dritz Stitch Witchery comes in different widths and different weights so you can choose which tape is best for your project. The tape provides a fusible web that bonds fabric together. It is activated with a steam iron, but no additional sewing is required.

  • This tape is perfect for repairing and fixing clothing
  • Washable and garments can even be dry cleaned
  • Works best with white or light colored fabrics
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3. Fearless Tape Double Sided

Fearless Tape Double Sided Tape for Fashion and Body 50 Count

Fearless Body and Clothing Tape is both skin friendly and fabric friendly. It can be used to hold clothing in place all day long and is a great alternative to pinning. It is a great tool to help fix gaping or sagging necklines, straps that need to be altered, or for hemming.

  • The tape is double sided- it won’t irritate skin and won’t leave marks or residue on fabric after it’s removed
  • The tape is strong and built to hold up to all sorts of movement
  • Tape is transparent
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4. HeatnBond Hem Iron

HeatnBond Hem Iron On Adhesive Super Weight 3 4 Inch x 8 Yards

This tape is double sided and does need to be ironed on to adhere. The bond is permanent. The tape is perfect for hemming apparel items or even for use around the house. Even heavier fabrics like suede, wool, and denim can be hemmed with HeatnBond.

  • This tape comes without paper backing
  • The tape is heat activated- just iron the hem together
  • No sewing is needed
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5. Therm O Web PeelnStick

Therm O Web PeelnStick Fabric Fuse Tape 5 8 Inch x 20 Feet 3346

PeelnStick Fabric Fuse is a double sided tape that was specially designed for use with fabrics. The tape adhesive bonds by simply being pressed on, without any ironing or sewing needed. The adhesive creates an instant bond that is permanent.

  • This fabric tape is perfect for hems, ribbons, trims, and many other projects
  • The tape bonds permanent and is able to be washed
  • The bond is generally durable and long lasting
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Tape for Fabric Buying Guide

Fabric tape can be used by just about anyone. The huge bonus of most fabric tapes is that they can be applied without any additional sewing required. Most rolls of tape can be purchased on a budget, which makes it easy to complete many different projects quickly and cheaply, without that extra skill level required.

Many Different Uses and Many Different Jobs

Fabric tape can be used for many different projects and jobs. It works great for fixing torn garments, can be used on clothing that needs to be hemmed, can be used to add trims to garments, can be used to hem or fix fabrics around the house like curtains or toss cushions, and can even be used to secure fabric right to the skin.

Long Lasting

Most of the time, fabric tapes creates a permanent, long lasting bond which is durable, all without the need for sewing. Fabric tape can either be adhered to the fabric by pressing it down or by ironing the pieces of fabric together, using heat to apply the adhesive. After the adhesive is dry, the garments or items can usually be laundered in the washer and sometimes even dry cleaned.

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