Baize Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Baize Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Are you a snooker lover? Do you love how tactfully you navigate a ball into the pocket and win points? Isn’t it challenging to steer the white ball through the cue stick? But don’t you love how exhilarating that game is and how your heart oscillates between hope and despair when you push the ball against the pool table?

Now imagine how does that pool table feels. Doesn’t that fabric have a distinct texture? Doesn’t the ball just slide easily across it into the pocket? Have you ever imagined what kind of fabric it is? If no, then this is your chance to learn about Baize fabric.

This fabric is a woven fabric that is a type of wool. Different blends of wools and other fabrics are used to make Baize. Higher the proportion of wool, the better quality of Baize it will be.


  • Baize fabric is a type of woven fabric made from a blend of wools and other fabrics, with a higher proportion of wool indicating better quality.
  • Baize fabric is strong, durable, and doesn’t pill, making it a reliable choice for various applications.
  • It is commonly used to cover gaming tables, for home décor, upholstery, and furnishing.

History of Baize Fabric

This fabric was first introduced in the United Kingdom. Baize is a French word, and this fabric is believed to be first used in 1578. Though, it gained official popularity in 1783 when it was being produced at a commercial level. This textile was used for industrial purposes and had no perfect substitute.

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It was used to make clothes of monks and even durable uniforms of the soldiers. It was termed as inexpensive coarse broadcloth. The Native North American Market introduced it to the fashion industry in the form of many ravishing items.

Properties of Baize Fabric


The fabric is reliable and durable. You can keep it for 20 years in a place, and it won’t rot, tear apart od snag no matter how harshly you treat it.

Doesn’t Pill:

This fabric is Anti-pill, and once you purchase it, you wouldn’t have to worry about little fuzz balls emerging and running the appearance of your Baize Fabric’s items.


This fabric doesn’t stink or smells terrible very quickly. It resists the growth of bacteria that encourages the generation of odor.


The best quality of this fabric is that it contributes to the preservation of the environment. It is renewable and reusable. It doesn’t put the strain of unsustainable waste on our planet.


As Baize is made from blends of wool, it is massive, and its fibers are thick. It is not ideal for clothing as it can make the user feel trapped and suffocated.

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Uses of Baize Fabric

Covers of Gaming Tables:

This fabric is commonly used to cover pool tables, card games like poker and blackjacks’ tables. It doesn’t allow the object to slip, so it is the perfect material for gaming tables’ coverings.


Baize Fabric is installed between two rooms, or adjoining doors and even walls to prevent noise traveling in close vicinities.

Home Décor:

This fabric is used to make decoratives and crafts that add color to your interior designing.

Upholstery and Furnishing:

Baize is popular in the making of the lining of drawers, cabinets, containers, and cupboards.

Caring for Baize Fabric

If you want to make sure that your Baize Fabric’s items can be passed on for generations, then you must take good care of it.  Make sure you wash it thoroughly in a gentle wash cycle or wash this durable fabric by hand. Let it hang dry and don’t fold t after it has dried completely. Don’t make the mistake of ironing it and ruining its texture.

Keep it away from flames and all hazardous chemicals as they can burn the fibers of Baize Fabric. If you maintain this fabric well, it can outlast all other pieces of textiles you have ever owned.

Where to buy Baize Fabric

We recommend buying Baize fabric at

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