5 Best Pens to Write on Fabric

Fabric pens have many diverse uses. Not all fabric pens are meant to be or stay permanent. While fabric pens can be used to decorate fabrics, draw, color, and more, they can also be used for more industrial uses like labelling personal garments, or for autographs. Non-permanent fabric pens are meant to either disappear with time or can be washed out with water.
Fabric PenProsCons
D&D Fabric Marking Pens– Water-soluble and perfect for sewing and crafting projects– Marks may disappear within a week or need to be washed
Crafts 4 All Fabric Markers Pens– Permanent ink that is fade-proof and weatherproof– Limited color options
Artistro Paint Pens– Vibrant water-based ink with glossy finish– Limited information provided
Pentel Arts Gel Roller for Fabric– Permanent and waterproof gel ink– Limited information provided
Leonis Erasable Marking Pens– Marks are easily removed with water– Marks don’t disappear on their own

How we decide on what to buy:

Our goal is to help you find the best artistic resource for your requirements. We’ll do the legwork to ensure you get the most for your money, whether you’re shopping for high-end gear or the bare essentials.
We consult experts, friends, and family members who are also artists, teachers, and/or craftspeople; we scour the Internet for information on how art supplies are used; we read customer reviews by real users; and, of course, we rely on our own accumulated expertise as artists, teachers, and/or craftspeople.

Best Pens to Write on Fabric

Here are our pens to write on fabric reviews

1. D&D Fabric Marking Pens

 4pcs Fabric Marking Pens, Water Soluble Auto-Vanishing Pen Leather Craft DIY Tool Tailor Pen for Quilting Dressmaking Sewing Marking Tracing

Not everyone wants a permanent marking fabric pen. There are a ton of different craft and sewing projects out there that non-permanent fabric pens were designed for. These marking pens are water soluble. They are perfect for sewing, quilting, and other crafts.

  • Comes in a pack of four different water soluble disappearing colors
  • The purple and pink pen marks will disappear within a week, while the others can be washed with water
  • Can write on many different surfaces and types of fabrics
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2. Crafts 4 All Fabric Markers Pens

Crafts 4 ALL Fabric Markers Pens Permanent 12 Pack Dual Tip Minimal Bleed Rich Paint Color Pigment Fine Graffiti Fabric Pens, Child Safe & Non Toxic

These permanent fabric marker pens come in a pack of twelve different colors. They are dual tipped, making them great for a wide variety of projects. One end is perfect for line work and fine details, while the other end is great for coloring.

  • High quality permanent ink
  • Can be used on a wide variety of fabric surfaces
  • Non-toxic, fade proof, weatherproof, lightfast, and will stand up to washing
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3. Artistro Paint Pens

 Paint pens for Rock Painting, Stone, Ceramic, Glass, Wood, Canvas. Set of 12 Acrylic Paint Markers Extra-fine tip

Artistro Paint Pens have water based ink that is vibrant and dries with a glossy finish on both light and dark surfaces. The pens can be used on a variety of different surfaces and materials including fabric, wood, plastic, canvas, paper, rocks, and many others.

  • The pen’s tips are perfect for drawing, especially for fine, detailed work
  • Non-toxic and low odour
  • Premium quality
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4. Pentel Arts Gel Roller for Fabric

 Pentel Arts Gel Roller for Fabric, 1.0mm Bold Lines, Permanent, Black Ink, Pack of 2 (BN15BP2A)

This roller pen’s gel ink is permanent and waterproof when dry. The ink can withstand multiple washing and drying. The pens have a fine tip that makes them perfect for creative projects. They are also for many other every day uses.

  • Gel tip is perfect for writing and labelling clothing
  • Perfect for signing or autographing fabrics
  • Can be used on a wide varieties of fabrics
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5. Leonis Erasable Marking Pens

 LEONIS 5 Water Erasable Marking Pens Blue [ 78008 ]

Not all fabric pens are meant to last. Erasable marking pens are perfect for sewing, quilting, and many other crafting projects where marks on fabric including measurements and cut lines are meant to disappear. The marks from these pens don’t disappear on their own, but can be erased with water.

  • Lines and marks are easily removed with just water
  • Smaller construction fits into smaller surfaces than regular pens
  • Fine point tip
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Pens to Write on Fabrics Buying Guide

Fabric pens come in all different forms. There are actually a wide range with different purposes. Some are meant for art projects while others are meant for more utilitarian sewing, quilting, and crafting projects. Fabric pens can usually be purchased in packs of two all the way up twenty. They are quite budget friendly.

Erasable or Disappearing Ink Pens

Erasable or non-permanent pens are generally quite effective for a variety of crafting, quilting, and sewing projects. Temporary marks are often made on fabric for cut lines, darts, appliques, pockets, seam allowances, and more. These marks are not meant to stay, but they are usually very helpful guides along the way. Some pens have disappearing ink which will fade on its own after a period of days, while others can be washed off with water.

Permanent Ink

Fabric pens with permanent ink are generally vibrant and the ink is durable. It is generally designed to stand up to multiple washings and even drying in the dryer. Some inks are lightfast and will stand up to the elements, so they can be used on items like shoes or totes that are going to see outdoor use. Many permanent ink pens come in packs of ten to twenty different colors and are quite budget friendly. Often, though they are permanent, they are non-toxic and safe for kids to use as well.

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