Best 50 Gifts for Sewers and Quilters

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Are you looking for the best gifts for sewers and quilters? How about a knitter or crochet friend? Do you want to give a special present to the seamstress or quilter in your life but don’t know what to get them? Finding the right present for someone who seems to have everything can be challenging, especially if you don’t sew, quilt, knit or crochet. There are a wide variety of sewing materials available, so you may want some direction so you don’t have to ask for advice and ruin the fun.

The items on this list are guaranteed to please any recipient, whether you’re shopping for a holiday present, stocking stuffer, or present for Mom. At Seamsecrets, I have given serious consideration to each and every item on this list. My collection of over 40 quilting, knitting, crochet, and sewing-related products guarantees that you won’t be stuck for present ideas.

gifts for sewers and quilters

What to Get a Sewer

If you have any friends or family members who enjoy sewing, you can’t go wrong with a gift of sewing supplies. Whether it’s a birthday, Mother’s Day, or the holidays, we offer gifts that will inspire them to sew and impress their guests. Gifts made from fabric are often appreciated, but consider getting them something that won’t become buried in their stockpile.

100 Colors All Purpose Sewing Thread Polyester Spools 250 Yards Per Spool for Hand Stitching, Machine, Quilting and Crafts

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All types of seamstresses recognize the importance of using thread that complements the fabric being worked on. That’s why this package of assorted threads made from 100% polyester is such a welcome present. This package of 100 hues has every possible shade they would need, plus some extras. This present will be appreciated and will prevent your sewer from making a fast trip to the craft store.

Clips for all your sewing needs by MumCraft

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One of the best presents you can give this season or for a special occasion is a set of high-quality sewing clips. Unlike pins, which can easily damage delicate fabrics, they are perfect for holding together many layers of fabrics securely while sewing. They can be used in place of sewing pins and removed just as quickly and easily without risk of injury or misplacement.

Precision Thread Cutters from SINGER’s Professional 00564 Series

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These thread snips, which are smaller than regular fabric shears, make quick work of cutting away excess thread so that your finished product is neat and free of tatters. They’re lighter and easier to control for precise work, plus they’re sharp, long-lasting, and backed by Singer’s lifetime warranty.

Hand-Held Ripper for Seams

Even the most skilled seamstresses need to have seam rippers available, just in case they make a mistake. There is a good chance that the sewer on your gift list already has a seam ripper or two lying around, but this one features a handle designed to reduce strain on the hands and wrists. A seam ripper is a practical stocking stuffer for anyone who enjoys sewing but needs a little something extra.

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Mini Steam Iron by Steamfast SF-717

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Quilters, seamstresses, dressmakers, and all other types of sewers can’t live without little irons. It’s far more convenient than a standard ironing board and iron because it can be used hands-free. In just one minute, you may sew with smooth fabric that has been heated and free of creases.

I Turn Coffee Into Quilts Makeup Bag

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This “I turn coffee into quilts” cosmetics case is both a meaningful and practical present. Your present can still be appreciated as it’s the ideal size for storing your phone, charger, keys, wallet, tampons, and more. The interior is watertight, so whatever you put inside won’t get wet and nothing will spill out. Even a gift bag might be created from this makeup bag. Or choose this humorous bag with the black cat. Seriously…you’ve never wanted to murder someone for messing with your quilt?

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Our Pick

Charm Bracelet for Sewers, Quilters


This sewing charm bracelet is perfect for quilters, seamstresses, and sewers who also enjoy wearing jewelry. Because it is handmade and may be personalized, the recipient is certain to receive a one-of-a-kind gift. Get in touch with the merchant to have your present tailored to the recipient’s tastes; last-minute gift wrapping is also available.

Great for Sewers

Dress Form on Recycled Book Print


Dressmakers and tailors, rejoice: this dress form print is perfect for you! Each print was created by repurposing a page from a vintage English edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica. To put it another way: no two prints are the same. They’re crafted from genuine books, complete with all the flaws and character that come naturally from years of use.

Dressmaker’s Scissors with a Knife Edge from Gingher.

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All types of sewers, including quilters, dressmakers, and seamstresses, require a high-quality pair of shears. A skilled seamstress never uses dull scissors. In particular, longer cuts, such as those required for sewing seams or completing quilting patterns, are easily accomplished with these shears. The ultra-sharp blades and curved grip of these shears will allow you to make clean cuts without distorting your fabric.

Pattern Weights

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Use these pattern weights to keep your patterns in place while you cut and draw them. They don’t require the use of pins, so even the most delicate materials will be safe. Since each set includes four weights, any seamstress would appreciate receiving an additional set or two as a present.

St. Jane’s Basket by Dritz for Sewing

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Stylish and practical, this sewing basket is perfect for any seamstress or dressmaker on the go. It’s ideal for storage on the go, allowing them to take their current job with them wherever they go. Ideal as a single present or for stuffing with useful sewing supplies.

Comprehensive Sewing Essentials Set

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Give this complete sewing beginner kit to a friend or family member who has expressed interest in learning to sew or trying out a new pastime. This kit provides them with everything they’ll require, from a cutting mat to thread snips and pins. There are a total of 14 parts, and the set comes packaged in a sturdy box.

Great Price

Seamstress Wallet


A gift card to a fabric or craft store would be excellent for this adorable coin purse with a sewing theme. It’s available in either a salmon or teal hue and features illustrations of various sewing accessories like a tape measure, dress form, thread spool, thimble, and more. Plus, it’s not real leather, so your vegetarian and vegan pals may enjoy it too.

Great Stocking Stuffer

Button Coasters

$1.95 each

These button coasters are, well, cute as a button, and will make great stocking stuffers. Available in 4 colors. Never let your coffee make a ring again on your sewing table.

Best Friend Gift

Swarovski Crystal Sewing Machine Earrings


These pierced earrings will shine on any sewer’s ears. Great for giving to your best friend, and even give a set to yourself!

Matching Set

Swarovski Crystal Antique Singer Sewing Machine Sterling Silver Bracelet


Make it a matching set with this shiny Swarovski Singer Sewing machine bracelet. Modeled after a vintage Singer sewing machine, this bracelet will sparkle just like your quilting creations.

My Pick for Best Family Gift

Christmas Tree Advent Wall Calendar


This advent calendar is only 3 ft tall but packs a punch with all the removable felt pieces. The sturdy hanging strap on the top of the tree makes it easy to install on doors or walls. Double sided SEWN velcros pieces are used on the tree surface and back of the ornaments to make them easy to attach and take off.

Irresistable Stocking Stuffer

Quilting Sewing Alphabet Pins


These are the most irresistible sewing and quilting pins. The alphabet tops make it easy to keep track of positions. Inside each tin are twenty-six pins. These pins are a simple tool for keeping your quilt blocks and other quilt components in order. Make use of them as row and column headers. You can put away the scraps of paper and pins you’ve been using to keep track of your quilting notes with this great gift.

Secret Santa Gift

12 Sewing Magnets


Want to give your secret Sewing Santa a gift? These 12 sewing magnets will be a hit with anyone. Their fridge, office, or magnet board will look charming with these adorable sewing-themed magnets! They are created by hand, embellished, and attached to a powerful rare earth magnet.
About 8 sheets of letter-size paper can be held by each magnet. Your set will be ready to give as a gift or stored in an attractive display tin.

My Pick

Pin Cushion Glass Ornament


This handcrafted glass pin cushion ornament, in the classic tomato and strawberry shape, will certainly be a hit with any sewer or quilter. You can even order a tag with “2022” on it to memorialize your gift. Limited quantities available.

Irresistable Ornament

Vintage Sewing Machine Ornament


Here’s another interactive sewing machine ornament. Just spin the wheel and the n eedle moves up and down. It’s an all-tin reproduction of the famous foot treadle-powered fabric seaming machine by Isaac Singer.

The Finest Quilter’s Presents

gifts for sewers and quilters

A gift for an experienced quilter should be something that helps them with their work or shows how much they love quilting. If you want to get them something that will help them in their pastime, or if you just want to get them something that you know they don’t already have, these are all great options that will make any quilter happy.

4.1-Inch PENTA ANGEL Sewing Shears

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Quilters can save time and effort by using different tools for various tasks. These needle and thread snips are among the best on the market. They are ideal for cutting thin materials like thread, ribbons, tiny scraps of fabric, and embroidery floss. Because the blades are small but sharper, cutting them is easier and safer than with regular fabric scissors.

That Purple Thang Corner Pusher

[azonpress template=”box” asin=”B07QKVBK31″]

Your quilter will appreciate this handy accessory and wonder how they ever got by without it. This is great for getting the corners of whatever you’re sewing out and for pushing or tugging thread so it doesn’t bunch up in your machine. Many quilters and sewers think this small tool is so important that they keep it around their necks at all times.

Pincushion Magnets

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We’ve all come a long way from the original tomato pin cushion to this modern iteration. Due to the magnetic backing, your pins will remain exactly where you put them, making them easy to retrieve. Finds fallen pins on the floor, lap, or desk; a lifesaver. To retrieve them, simply wave this magnetic bracelet over the area where you believe they may have fallen.

Buttonhead pins for quilting

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These pins with a button head are thinner than standard quilting pins, allowing you to stitch right over them. In addition to keeping your cloth as flat as possible, the ornamental buttons on top of these pins make them easier to remove than standard, less visible round head pins.

Clover Water-Soluble Marking Pen

[azonpress template=”box” asin=”B0011459YQ”]

This white marking pen is worth considering if you or someone you know is passionate about quilting but already has everything available for quilting. The perfect tool for marking quilting designs on dark fabric quilt tops by hand. Unlike quilting chalk, the ink will not permanently stain or damage the fabric, and it will not rub off readily during the stitching process. It can be removed by simply washing or ironing.

Personalized Quilting Studio Blackboard

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The use of chalkboards as advertising is currently popular. This sign mimics the look of a chalkboard without the hassle of using actual chalk or the monotony of a black surface. Made from lightweight aluminum, this is a thoughtful gift for the quilter in your life.

Quilting Queen Ornament

[azonpress template=”box” asin=”B01DH58YZW,B07KPRT8Y7,B08LQRLXVG”]

These Christmas ornaments are the perfect way to brighten up the house of a quilter. They’re decked out with quilting essentials including scissors, a rotary cutter, a pincushion in the shape of a tomato, and a quilt square. These ornaments are sure to become a treasured keepsake for any expert quilter.

Best earrings for quilters



These earrings say it all. I LOVE QUILTING will let everyone know your passion, and what a terrific gift for a dedicated quilter.

My Pick for Earrings

Quilting Earrings with Birthstone


Select these earrings by birthstone and make them a very personalized gift for your quilting friend.

Best Set of Jewelry for Quilters

Quilters Necklace with Charms


Why not add a necklace and make this gift set complete? This necklace comes with two charms – tape measure and a spool of thread with a needle. You can choose the birthstone or other items to make this a very special gift.

Gift a stocking stuffer for any quilter with these “I love quilting” earrings etched with a classic quilt pattern. They’re strung with their preferred hue of Swarovski beads. Give the full set as a present if you’re really into it!

Our Pick

When Life Gives You Scraps Quilting Tote


This “When Life Throws You Scraps” tote bag is a great alternative to necklaces and pierced ears for quilters. It’s perfect for going out and about, whether it be shopping, errand running, visiting the farmers market, or signing up for a new quilting class.

Personalize this gift for sewers and quilters

Personalized Sewing and Quilting Tote


Why not go the extra step and personalize a tote as one of the best gifts for sewers and quilters? I use this for sailing, as it holds everything I need. Lots of colors to choose from, so you can match their favorite color.

Hot Sox with Sewing Machines

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Quilting and sewing can be a bit chilly, so these sewing socks will keep your tootsies warm while you sew like the devil.

Quilting Word Search

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Who doesn’t enjoy a good puzzle? These Quilting word Search books even come in large print. Who says we’re getting old? Fun to do while traveling or just sitting before a comfy fire.

Piecemakers Insulated Travel Mug

[azonpress template=”box” asin=”B094D52MNQ”]

This travel mug says it all: Be a Piecemaker and not a Fighter. Travel in style with this insulated mug spreading “Piece” wherever you go.

Junior Ruler Rack

Junior Ruler Rack


Over 10,000 of these racks have been sold, according to the dealer, and no wonder. The Junior Ruler Rack is 18″ long and comes with 4 hooks that hold up to 28 items. The hooks slide across the rack making it easy to hang different size tools or rulers. Simple to assemble and hang.

So there you have my 50 best gifts for sewers and quilters. Happy Shopping!

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