5 Best Fabrics for Sheets

We spend the most time in your beds than any other single place in our entire lives. Getting the right fabric for your bed sheets, blankets, and duvets is investing in comfortable and healthy sleep. The ideal fabric for sheets should be soft, non-allergic, easy to wash and maintain, and create the cozy feel of home.There are a great deal of brands that sell fabrics for sheets and making the right choice can be a herculean task. Below, we take a quick look at our top five selected fabrics for sheets to help you make the right choice quickly.

Best Fabrics for Sheets

Here are our sheet fabric reviews.

1. Jaclyn Smith 1849 Peacock

Jaclyn Smith 1849 Peacock

This fabric is a top of the line Polyester and Rayon composite fabric that is ideal for beddings, blankets, sheets, and upholstery. It is medium-weight, comes and is built for high durability of up to 18000 rubs. Its unique design gives off a cool, vintage vibe ideal for the room.

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2. Kravet Basics 32737 312”

Kravet Basics 32737 312

This 100% cotton heavyweight fabric is the ideal material for beddings and general home décor applications. It features a light brown background the vintage feel with overlapping wavelike patterns of green, red, and yellow. It is easy to clean with a drying solvent and its appearance easily restored by brushing.

  • Heavyweight 100% cotton great blankets and sheets.
  • Ideal for beddings and general home décor.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
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3. Europatex Linsen Faux Linen Sunflower

Europatex Linsen Faux Linen Sunflower

This fantastic linen fabric was created by EuropaTex and is a beautiful blend of polyester and nylon. It is very heavyweight and boasts of a 40,000 double rub durability and a very soft feel making it ideal for beddings.

It certainly yields great value and can also be used for other home décor applications.

  • Nylon and polyester composition.
  • Heavyweight and durable.
  • Soft feel ideal for beddings and other home décor applications.
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4. Charlotte Moss Lucie Cornflower

Charlotte Moss Lucie Cornflower

This lightweight 100% cotton fabric is ideal for beddings and allows for maximum comfort with its soft feel. It features a cool background with floral patterns spread all over it. It comes in a host of other colors like brown, pink, white, and blue for great variety.

  • 100% cotton.
  • Great for beddings and a host of other home décor applications.
  • Great color variety.
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5. 14 Karat Home Tropical Breeze Indigo

14 Karat Home Tropical Breeze Indigo

From the 14 Karat Home brand, the fabric is made of 100% polyester and comes in a medium weight. It comes with great color and tone variety and is the ideal fabric for beddings, window treatments, etc. It features a cool background with leafy designs that embody the tropics.

  • 100% medium weight polyester.
  • Great color and tone variety ideal for home décor.
  • Easy to clean and wash.
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Fabric for Sheets Buying Guide

Giving we spend so much time in bed, getting the ideal fabric is one of the most important comfort investments to make. When choosing fabrics for beddings and sheets, a number of factors should be considered.

It should be soft, skin-friendly, cozy, and easy to clean. Having a sewing machine on hand allows mends and stitches to be easily made.

Our buying guide reviews the best fabrics for sheets on the market, giving you a basis to compare them and get the best your money can buy.

Thread Count vs. Fabric Material

Fabrics were once rated in terms of thread count as an accurate representation of comfort. It gives a number to the number of threads per square inch of the fabric. The higher the thread count of a fabric, the softer it is. However, many companies now give false figures on the fabric’s thread count.

The fabric material is the most sure-fire way to choose the appropriate material for sheets. Cotton has always been a great choice for all fabrics as it is very soft and durable. Linen is another great fabric material for sheets and is ideal for people in hotter regions. Other materials include poly-blend sheets that offers wrinkle resistance, Pima, etc.


The weave type of any fabric greatly affects how it feels. Some weave forms include percale, sateen, and flannel. Percale offers a lightweight, tightly woven fabric and yields a cool, crisp look to it. Microfiber dense weaves yield a fabric that is soft, and resistant to water and wrinkling. Flannel and sateen are also great choices and are great for colder regions.

Fabric Types

These are the different fabric types used to make beddings. Some of these materials are natural, others synthetic, while some are blends of materials uniquely mixed.


This is a natural material extracted from silkworms. It is considered luxurious and thus comes at a high cost. It is very soft to the touch making it ideal for beddings.


As outlined above is the most popular choice as it is durable, breathable, and soft. It is obtained from the cotton plant and has been the chief material for beddings for millennia.


This synthetic fabric is inexpensive and bonds easily with other materials. It is stain-resistant and mostly used for beddings in children’s rooms. It is not the best choice for hot climates.


Blends of various fabrics are designed to create unique hybrids. The most common blends are of cotton and polyester. However, there are other blends like rayon and cotton, and nylon and polyester. Blended fabrics are easier to maintain and ideal for children to use.

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