Juki Akane MO-3000QVP Serger Review

The Juki Akane MO-3000QVP serger is the newest member of the Juki family.

It’s a high-end serger that offers a variety of features designed to make your sewing tasks easier and faster.

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Juki Akane MO-3000QVP Features

The Juki MO-3000QVP features the latest modern technology and has a wide range of stitch options and features to suit the needs of all types of sewers, from beginner to professional. It has a powerful motor with up to 1100 stitches per minute, allowing you to complete your projects quickly and with professional-looking results.

The built-in differential feed helps to prevent puckering and stretching of fabrics, and an adjustable foot pressure ensures that you get the perfect stitch. This high performance machine also has a color-coded threading system to make threading the needle easier.

Juki MO-3000QVP air serger

Juki MO-3000QVP, also known as Akane, “ancient noble color”, offers a variety of accessories, such as a rolled hem presser foot, a gathering foot, and a beading foot, making it one of the most versatile sergers on the market today.

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Juki MO-3000QVP Product Description

Sewing will never again feel like just a hobby when you have the Akane MO-3000QVP. The automatic thread supply, JUKI-exclusive chain-off thread cutter, micro-presser foot lift, and air-powered threading on this overlock serger will take your serging to the next level.

The JUKI has been upgraded with new features like a larger throat space, a bright workplace with tunable color temperature lighting, a magnet needle tray, an LCD screen, and the ability to convert between 2/3 threads.

Juki MO-3000QVP Akane serger

The serger now has a knee-lifting lever, a foot controller, and a foot switch so that it may be operated either by hand (with the new speed control) or by foot. The MO-3000QVP has a differential feed that allows it to gather stretched fabrics like knits and georgette, and a rolled hemming function that allows you to sew attractive finishing on light to medium weight fabrics.

Exciting New Functionality!


Juki MO-3000QVP Seam Secrets

The chain-off thread can be manually snipped with a scissors button or automatically with a foot switch, both of which are JUKI originals. The length of the chain-off thread can be manually adjusted or cut automatically.

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Juki MO-3000QVP micro-lifter

The micro-lifter allows the presser foot to be raised up to 2.5mm while sewing. Having this additional room is helpful when working on large projects. Need to hem the hem of your winter coat or insert elastic into the waistband of your fleece? You might really benefit from a micro-lift.


knob controlling thread delivery

Turning the MO-3000QVP’s stitch selector knob allows you to choose between four different stitches, including overcasting, narrow, and rolled hem. The manual process of setting “tension” is obsolete thanks to the automatic thread supply mechanism. It substantially improves the fun and effectiveness of serging.


lcd screen for Juki MO-3000QVP

The stitch pattern chosen using the knob is displayed on the LCD screen.


loop threading Juki serger

The electric motor sends a powerful whoosh of air through the machine, making it simple to thread the upper and lower loopers.

Threads Needles Automatically

needle  threader serger Seam Secrets

Using the automatic needle threader, you may quickly thread both the right and left needles.

Additional Features Juki MO-3000QVP

  • Wide throat area
  • Bright Workspace
  • Light Control Function
  • Magnetic Needle Tray
  • 2/3 Thread Conversion
  • Storage of Accessories
  • Inner Curve Sewing
  • Adjustable Stitch Length & Differential Feed
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure
  • Option to deactivate upper knife
  • Safety feature preventing operation when the presser foot is in the up position or a cover is ope

Stitch Patterns

specifications Juki MO-3000QVP serger
My Pick

Juki MO-3000QVP Serger

JukiMO 3000QVP 2

The latest member of the Juki Family of sergers.

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