Airplane Cloth Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

As the name suggests, Airplane Cloth Fabric is a cotton fabric (can be linen too) made from plain weave and used as a covering for airplane parts. You frequently see how high a plane soars like its invincible. It is this sturdy fabric, Airplane Cloth, that prevents it from damage or a tear in wings due to incredibly high air pressure.

There is a light-weight version of it from which you can tailor your pajamas and T-shirts. This may sound entirely new to you, but this fabric is high in demand for fashion garments too!

History of Airplane Cloth Fabric:

An aircraft has been covered by fabric since the concept of aviation was birthed. Like you cover your car seats and sofas, the aviators too designed fabric coverings for their planes. So, around 1916, a fabric was built as a result of chemical experimentation.

Initially, a pure cotton and linen fabric were used for covering the airframes and other parts of the planes. But the durability had to be increased, and flammability ha to be decreased. For this purpose, a fabric was synthesized.

Then people began seeing how sturdy and durable the material is. So, they developed a less chemically synthesized fabric, very similar to the one used for aircraft’s covering, and introduced it into the fashion garment’s industry. Both are very similar, and they are categorized as Airplane Cloth Fabric.

Properties of Airplane Cloth Fabric:

Let’s see how unique Airplane Cloth Fabric is:


If you are heading to the gym or a day of hard work and physical exertion, garments made out of this material would be no less than a blessing in disguise! It would not snag or stretch out. It will retain its shape no matter how strenuous work you perform.


Though its functionality is based on tough work, the Airplane Fabric manufactured for clothing purposes is light-weight and easy to carry. You can fashion it into your favorite casual-wear shirts and PJs.


This fabric has pores and small holes in it, which make it ideal for garments. It doesn’t touch your skin and keeps the flow of air in and out of the fabric, so you don’t feel suffocated. It is best for summer wear as it keeps you cool and breezy.

Resistant to insect attacks:

Unlike other cotton and linen fabrics, the chemical composition of Airplane Cloth Fabric makes it resistant to any attack by mildews and moths. So, no more worrying for you over clothes that rot due to insect attacks.

Uses of Airplane Cloth Fabric:

Airplane Cloth Fabric has several applications like:


This fabric can be used to make dresses, jeans, casual wear, and even formal suits for occasions. It has versatility in apparel use, and you can design your undergarments from this soft and comfortable fabric. As it is cotton, you can dye it in your favorite colors and use it for the lining of garments.

Airplane Wings and Parts:

Primarily it is used to cover the wings or the planes and fuel gas region.


As this fabric is sturdy and robust, it is sometimes used as a car cover and sofa covers. It is not damaged by rain or excessive pressure and heat, which makes it ideal for this application.

Caring for Airplane Cloth Fabric:

Airplane Cloth Fabric is robust and can withstand many stimulants that damage a Fabric. So, you don’t have to make much effort in its maintenance. Just wash it regularly and keep it away from fire, and you will be good to go!

Where to buy Airplane Cloth Fabric

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