Top 5 Horn Sewing Cabinets Review

Top 5 Horn Sewing Cabinet Reviews The Top 5 Horn Sewing Cabinets have become a necessity for serious sewists who wants their materials organized. If you are heavily invested in your sewing work, then the main issue is keeping everything organized. There are so many threads and other components which are quite easy to lose.
Sewing cabinets came into existence to take care of such unfortunate occurrences. In current times, there are hundreds of companies that produce sewing cabinets. However, you can only feel the quality if you choose a good brand.
Horn is such a brand that will provide you with nothing but the best. To determine which Horn sewing cabinet will be the best for you, check out the top 5 Horn sewing cabinet reviews.
Do you want to know about the best Horn sewing cabinets? Let’s check out the top 5 Horn sewing cabinet reviews and find the most suitable cabinet for you.
Check Today's Price on SewingMachinesPlus Top 5 Horn Sewing Cabinet Reviews The first one in the top 5 Horn sewing cabinets review is the model 5400. This model comes with an electric lift and is available in sunset maple and white color options. Like all other models of Horn, the 9100 also showcases the versatile nature and high quality.
The 5400 has a width of 48 inches and a depth of 39 ½ inches when it is open. On the other hand, the depth is 20 ½ inches, and the width is 48 inches when closed. The height of the drawer is 29 ¾ inches both when open and closed.
The model weighs 193 lbs and is neither too heavy nor too lightweight. This cabinet has a universal cut-out of 25 inches x 13 inches. The cut-out is such that it can fit even the largest machine found currently in the market. It also has 4 drawers where you can store different things.
An amazing thing about the model is that it arrives completely assembled. You will not have to put time and effort into assembling this unit. However, you will need to install the pulls and casters.

Why do we like it?

  • Electric lift feature that is whisper quiet
  • Features 4 storage drawers
  • Edge banding of 2.5 mm for sewing comfortably
Check Today's Price on SewingMachinesPlus Horn 5280 sewing cabinet The model 5280 super quilters dream elite sewing cabinet is one of the start products of the brand. This cabinet has storage options where you can keep the necessities. This model comes at an affordable price range as compared to most of the products of the model.
The 5280 has a width of 72 inches and a depth of 40 inches when open. In the closed position, the depth is 19 ½ inches, and the width is 60 inches. The cabinet’s height is 29 ¾ inches. This cabinet has rounded corners which enhance safety. This is great when you have a kid at home.
At 204 lbs, this unit may not be a lightweight model. This unit has some amazing features that make it a must-have. The surface area with a cut-out of 25 inches x 13 inches can accommodate some of the largest sewing machines. Moreover, the surface of the table is resistant to melamine-mar.
The electric lift of the machine is whisper quiet. This whisper-quiet feature is present in most of the sewing cabinets of the Horn. Another feature is the availability of a power strip with six outlets. This helps you charge different appliances when you are working and also run your sewing machine.

Why do we like it?

  • Power strips included with 6 outlets
  • Optional thread tray in the drawer
  • Drawer extension platform
  1. Model 8090 Sewing Cabinet

Check Today's Price on SewingMachinesPlus Horn 8090 Sewing Cabinet The next cabinet on the list of the top 5 Horn sewing cabinet reviews is the model 8090. This is more of a proper cabinet with different drawers for storing different items. The unit has a depth of 64-1/4th inches and a width of 78 inches when it is open. However, it has a depth of 27 inches and a width of 63-1/4th inches when closed.

The cabinet weighs 301 lbs which is heavier than the other two models that we have reviewed earlier. One feature present in the 9100 and 9000 models, but not in the 8090 model, is height adjustability. In this mode, the height is 29-3/4th inches.

The small drawer in the cabinet measures 8-1/2 inches in width, 14-3/4 inches in depth, and 5-1/4 inches in height. Furthermore, the large drawer measures 8-1/2 inches in width, 14-3/4 inches in depth, and 10-3/8 inches in height. The embroidery storage is about 8 inches wide.

There is a power strip in the cabinet that has 6 power outlets. Here you can plug your sewing machine if needed, along with any other equipment.

Why do we like it?

  • Thread storage and hoop storage for embroidery included
  • Equipped with a platform for drawer extension that provides extra workspace
  • Additional workspace provided by drop leaf feature
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  1. Model 8080 Sewing Cabinet

Check Today's Price on SewingMachinesPlus Horn 8080 Sewing Cabinet The Model 8080 sewing cabinet is a lightweight cabinet at 262 lbs. Its dimensions are 63-1/4 inches in width, 40 inches in depth, and 29-3/4 inches in height. These dimensions are when the cabinet is open. When closed, the dimensions are 63-1/4 inches in width, 27 inches in depth, and 29-3/4 inches in height.

The cabinet’s small drawer has dimensions 8-1/2 inches in width, 14-3/4 inches in depth, and 5-1/4 inches in height. A large drawer has a width of 8-1/2 inches, depth of 14-3/4 inches, and height of 10-3/8 inches. Embroidery storage is also present in the cabinet, which is 8 inches wide.

The table of the cabinet can fit any large sewing machine. This is due to the 31 inches x 15-1/2 inches cut-out, which is very large. This cabinet has three drawers which are on the soft-close slides. There is a power strip included in the cabinet with 6 power outlets.

The electric lift is whisper quiet which is a great feature. Due to his feature, you can use the cabinet with the machine at any time.

Why do we like it?

  • Thread storage and embroidery hoop storage included
  • More workspace by drawer extension
  • Comes fully assembled
  1. 8479 Tall Combo Sewing / Quilting Cabinet

Check Today's Price on SewingMachinesPlus Horn 8479 Sewing Cabinet The next cabinet model on the list is the 8479 tall combo sewing/quilting cabinet. When open, the cabinet has dimensions 78-3/4 inches in width, 69-5/8 inches in depth, and 36-1/2 inches in height. However, when you close the cabinet, the width is 64 inches, the depth is 27 inches, and the height is 36-1/2 inches.

The unit is slightly heavy at 375 lbs, but you may be able to shift places with some help. Like all the other machines in this list, the 8479 can also accommodate the market’s largest sewing machines. You can elevate this cabinet to a sewing height of 36-1/2 inches which is perfect for tall people.

There is a panel that you can pull out and has removable hooks. This panel also includes thread storage, where you can keep any number of threads. Furthermore, the foot control platform is removable.

If you have kids at home, this cabinet is safe for them. This is because the cabinet has rounded corners that would not hurt your kids or you. In case you need extra space for working, the cabinet has a drawer extension platform for the same purpose.

Why do we like it?

  • 4 soft-closing drawers
  • Easily locked casters
  • You can use the cabinet or sewing table as a cutting table

Top 5 Horn Sewing Cabinets Buyer’s Guide

There are many different brands of sewing cabinets on the market. However, Horn is widely known for its versatile and sturdy sewing cabinets. When you buy Horn sewing cabinets, there are certain features that you should take note of.

Without these features, it would be a waste to have a sewing cabinet. These features are important for both professionals and beginners. They help in getting the best quality work along with providing you an organized space.

Though most of the Horn cabinets have all these below-mentioned necessary features, providing a checklist of the same would help you compare. You can see which sewing cabinet from Horn would be the best for you.


The first thing in the Horn models that you need to check is the stability of the cabinet. Sewing cabinets need to be more stable than a computer desk or writing desk. When you run your sewing machine at high speed, the table should not give away.

The legs and base of the table should be very strong and sturdy. They should not create a hindrance in your work and give you the needed support. Moreover, the table should not vibrate or shake while you are running the machine.

It needs to be very solid and withstand the strong vibrations given out by the sewing machine.


People opt for sewing cabinets mainly when they start getting serious about sewing. That is because the number of tools and materials they use for sewing starts growing. Eventually, it is hard to find a proper place to store these materials used every day.

If you keep the materials scattered all over the place, it looks disorganized, and some even get lost. Having a sewing cabinet with the necessary divisions and places to keep the related sewing materials is a boon.

Make sure that the divisions are compact and clean. They should also be according to your requirements and the quantity of materials that you need to store.

Surface Area

The sewing cabinet’s surface is not just for keeping the sewing machine but also for other works. You can use it for cutting, ironing, basting, pinning, or many other tasks. That is why you need to check the surface area of the cabinet you opt for.

Different horn cabinets come in different surface areas. Check out the specifications and see if your chosen model has the required space. You should be able to do multiple tasks on the tabletop.

Make a checklist of all your cabinet requirements, and then make your decision. You could end up choosing the wrong model in haste.


The main issue with most people when they buy sewing cabinets is the assembly. Some people have no idea how to assemble the unit. A major issue arises if the whole unit comes unassembled. It is also hard to find a local workman who would assemble the unit for you.

It is better to go for pre-assembled units. In such cases, even if you do not know how to assemble the unit, you will face no issue. Moreover, you can save a lot of effort with pre-assembled units.

Even if the manufacturer does not provide a pre-assembled unit, a detailed assembling guide would also make the task easier. You could follow the guide step by step and assemble the unit quite fast.

Cabinet Height

The height of the cabinet is a very important feature that you will like. This is because the height will differ according to the user. There are many options for Horn sewing cabinets. Each of these products will display its specifications.

Ensure that you check out the specifications of each cabinet before you choose one. The height should be very comfortable so that you can do your work with ease. If the cabinet is too low or too high according to your height, it would be a major issue.

Since these are not custom-made cabinets, you cannot choose any height you want. However, Horn sewing cabinets are widely known for their comfortable specifications. You will surely find a Horn cabinet based on your height requirements.


The compactness of the sewing cabinet is necessary even if you have a large area. Just because you have a large space does not mean that you will opt for a bulky unit. The unit you choose should also have the necessary features and also be compact.

Having a compact unit means one that would take up less space but without compromising on the features. Moreover, you can choose the necessary compactness of the unit based on your requirements. If you have a small area, you would be searching for a minimalistic unit packed with features.

When you have a larger space, you can go for larger units but until a certain limit. The best thing about Horn sewing cabinets is that they are all very minimalistic. Even if they are large, you will not find them to be very bulky.


You have to check the cabinet’s weight since having a heavyweight unit can be a real nuisance. You may place the cabinet at one position but could think about changing the position later.

If the cabinet is too heavy, then shifting the position will be very problematic. That is why you need to ensure that the unit is as lightweight as it can be. However, having too light a unit can be problematic while functioning.

The vibrations from the machine may damage the material. Hence, the machine’s weight should be such that you can move it easily and withstand the workload.


Another major concern is the price of the cabinet that you are buying. Horn offers cabinets in many different price ranges. Depending on the specifications and features offered by each model, you could compare them with the prices.

Since each Horn sewing cabinet model has amazing features, you could choose even the one with the lowest price. However, as the price increases, so does the things offered by the model.

Compare each of the models and check which features you need the most. Since you will use sewing cabinets for the long term, selecting a high-priced Horn unit will also be a good investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are Horn Sewing Cabinets Made?

Horn sewing cabinets are made in the United States. Here they are called Horns of America, and their factory is based in West Virginia. In the factory, the company puts immense pressure on the quality of the sewing cabinets.

Horn is well-known for its high-quality products and its versatile nature. They try to maintain their standards and ensure proper scrutiny of each product. The brand manufactures these sewing cabinets to ensure that every person can fulfill all their sewing needs.

The factory follows a strict quality protocol and ensures that none of the products is defective. All the sewing cabinets that leave the factory are of the best possible quality.

Is it Worth Buying Horn Sewing Cabinets?

Horn sewing cabinets are innovative and come with power-packed features. If you are looking for a high-end sewing cabinet that comes in various price ranges, the Horn is the right destination for you.

The brand produces different varieties of sewing cabinets to fulfill the requirement of each customer. Some features present in the sewing cabinet by Horn are the rounded safety corners, extra workspace, drop leaves to quickly expand, etc.

You will also find compact sewing cabinets with just the necessary storage places. However, there are larger sewing cabinets with more advanced features. Depending on your need and workspace, you can choose the required sewing cabinet.

Does Horn Provide Warranty On Its Sewing Cabinets?

Horn of America provides a lifetime warranty on all its products. This is a sign of trust in the manufacturer, stating that the products will stay for a lifetime. This warranty is against any manufacturing defects related to materials and workmanship.

All the components and cabinets designed by Horn will not give you any trouble. You can smoothly use these components. These products by Horn are made for professional sewists who will be using them frequently.

Horn maintains the standard of all the products since they have an image to maintain in the market. Baring a few, you will not find any major faults in the products delivered by Horn.

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