Irina Lakicevic Fashion Blogger Portable Package Profile

Irina Lakicevic Fashion Blogger Portable Package Profile

Irina Lakicevic Ukranian Fashion Icon

Irina Lakicevic is a prominent fashion blogger and influencer who continues to make waves in the industry today. With her distinct style and unique perspective, she has gained a dedicated following and established herself as a notable figure in the fashion world.

Since her early beginnings as a fashion blogger, Irina has evolved and expanded her presence in the industry. She has collaborated with numerous fashion brands, both established and emerging, showcasing her ability to curate innovative and trend-setting looks. Through her collaborations, she has been able to bring her personal style to a wider audience and inspire fashion enthusiasts around the world.

Irina’s approach to fashion goes beyond just showcasing the latest trends. She believes that clothing is a powerful form of self-expression, and she uses her platform to promote individuality and creativity. Her outfits often combine unexpected pieces and play with proportions, resulting in visually striking and thought-provoking ensembles. By challenging conventional fashion norms, Irina encourages her followers to embrace their own unique style and express themselves authentically.

In addition to her fashion pursuits, Irina is also an advocate for social issues and cultural diversity. As a refugee herself, she has shared her experiences of displacement and the challenges she faced while growing up. Through her platform, she raises awareness about refugee rights and promotes inclusivity within the fashion industry.

Today, Irina continues to captivate her audience with her captivating content and engaging storytelling. Whether she’s attending fashion events, sharing her latest fashion finds, or discussing topics close to her heart, Irina remains a relevant and influential voice in the fashion community. Her ability to connect with her followers and inspire them to embrace their individuality is a testament to her enduring impact in the industry.

Who is Irina Lakicevic?

Irina Lakicevic is a fashion blogger who founded Portable Package, a website featuring her latest fashion looks and clothing recommendations. She has been featured in Dore, Coveteure, Style Du Monde, Vogue, PopSugar, and numerous Getty Images.

Where was Irina Lakicevic born?

Irina Lakicevic was born in Pristina, Kosovo when it was part of Yugoslavia.

Why did Irina Lakicevic choose Dentistry?

Irina Lakicevic’s family fled Kosovo for Norway during the war and lost everything. Her family became refugees with an uncertain future. “When your priorities shift, your priorities change totally, and for me, even as a youngster, that meant I became preoccupied with having a secure existence for myself.” She needed to have a secure profession so she chose dentistry instead of fashion school.

What happened to her Portable Package blog?

Portable Package blog is now part of Seam Secrets, where you can learn about the best products and fashion trends.

Where does Irina Lakicevic buy her clothing?

Irina is a notorious bargain shopper and finds deals on Ebay, second-hand stores and other reseller sites.

How did Irina Lakicevic become a fashion icon?

She was very nervous when she first started because she felt like everything had to be perfect right away. Fear of failure has always been a source of anxiety for her. In her first season of shows, she’d chosen to wear some Louboutins that she hadn’t broken in yet, and was trying to get a cab back to the hotel because she had such bad blisters. She was messaging her partner while sitting on this colorful wall when she heard all these photographers. It was the first time they had taken her picture, and it was both bizarre and somehow validating.

She arrived home in Norway the next day, a complete mess, feeling so alone and as if the trip had been a failure. She got on at 2 a.m., as she often did before bed, and couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw herself seated on the homepage’s colorful wall.

Why is fashion important to Irina Lakicevic?

Fashion has always been for her about the inner feelings that clothing and your personal style elicit. Certain garments have the ability to transform you, and she places a high value on quality. She is not going to spend a lot of money on something that’s just a gimmick. Her cut-out outfits and big pants will be worn a million times. She adores her clothes as each and every one is unique to her.

What has being a refugee taught Irina Lakicevic?

In Norway, she spent so many years apologizing for being different, for being an Orthodox Christian, for her accent, and for the way she spoke in conversations. However, she eventually realized that this is what distinguished her as a person. The fact that she has an accent, for example, indicates that she has studied another language. She has always felt like an outsider, and she still does, and there will always be a piece of her that feels like a refugee. And that is a part of her personality. However, her perspective on this is shifting. Eastern European block designers are gaining traction in the fashion industry, which she found hilarious. All of the things that she has been chastised for her entire life because of how she dressed are now fashionable. It’s only made her realize that she was an idiot. It turns out that she was the one who was stigmatizing herself.

That is a lesson for us all.


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