5 Best Glues for Rhinestones on Fabric

Fabric and craft glues are a great way to revive tired garments or just give an item that extra bit of unique sparkle. Crating with rhinestones can be really fun, but it can also be frustrating. If the right adhesive isn’t used, rhinestones can be hard to stick on or it can be tough to get them to stay. The right fabric and craft glues not only bond permanently to keep projects looking great, they are durable and will hold up to wearing and some can even be laundered regularly.
Beacon Gem-Tack– Permanent, durable bond
– Machine washable after glue is dry
– Dries clear
– Non-toxic
E6000 Adhesive– Permanent adhesion on various surfaces and materials
– Precision tips for easy application
– Dries clear
– Water and heat resistant
Aleene’s Fabric Fusion– Works well with fabrics and fabric patches
– Easy cleanup with water before fully dry
– Dries clear
The Crafter’s Pick– High performance adhesive
Fabric Glue– Machine washable when dry
– Dries clear without getting hard or stiff
– Water-based and non-toxic
Aleene’s Jewel-It– Creates a strong, permanent bond
Embellishing Glue– Dries clear and stays flexible
– Machine washable (allow curing time)

Best Glues for Rhinestones on Fabric

Here are our glues for rhinestones on fabric reviews.

1. Beacon Gem-Tack

Beacon Gem-Tack

Beacon Gem-Tack is specially designed with crafting projects in mind. It is specifically made to adhere to rhinestones, gems, glitter, sequins, or other materials to fabric. The adhesive can also be used to bind to glass, metal, wood, or vinyl, making it a great multi-use glue to have around in the craft room.

  • Permanent, durable and machine washable after glue is dry
  • Dries clear
  • Non-toxic, so it’s safe for young crafters too

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2. E6000 Adhesive

E6000 Industrial Strength Adhesive

When it comes to permanent adhesion for a wide variety of surfaces and materials, it’s hard to beat E6000 adhesives. This particular package comes with precision tips, which makes it easy and handy when it comes to applying glue, especially to small areas like rhinestone backs. E6000 bonds to a variety of materials including wood, metal, glass, leather, vinyl, cement, and rubber, as well as fabric and many other surfaces.

  • Dries clear
  • Water and heat resistant so items can be laundered in the washer and dryer safely
  • Excellent for crafting projects, and a great adhesive to have around the house for many other repairs

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3. Aleene’s Fabric Fusion


Aleene’s Spray Pump Fabric Fusion

Aleene’s Fabric Fusion is an excellent adhesive when working with fabrics and fabric patches. Fabric Fusion was designed to work on a large variety of applications including trims and embellishments. The adhesive works best when a small amount is applied, which helps make the glue go further for other projects.

  • Non-toxic and can be easily cleaned up with water before adhesive is fully dry
  • Dries clear
  • Machine washable after the adhesive is fully dry

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4. The Crafter’s Pick Fabric Glue

The Crafter’s Pick Fabric Glue

The Crafter’s Pick Fabric Glue is a high performance adhesive. It is extremely durable and holds up over time. The adhesive bond is permanent and can be applied to a wide variety of fabrics. It is a popular choice with many crafters for its diverse applications.

  • Machine washable when dry
  • Glue dries clear and won’t get hard or stiff when it dries
  • Water based, which means the glue is non-toxic

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5. Aleene’s Jewel-It Embellishing Glue

Aleene’s Jewel-It Embellishing Glue

Aleene’s is a trusted name when it comes to all sorts of fabric and craft glues. The glues are durable and dependable. This particular glue creates a strong, permanent bond that will hold on rhinestones where other glues have failed. The adhesive can be used with a variety of different materials including rhinestones, jewels, glass and plastic beads, sequins, and more.

  • Bonds quickly and permanently
  • Dries clear and stays flexible
  • Machine washable, but allow a week to ten days for the adhesive to cure properly before items are laundered

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Glues for Rhinestones on Fabric Buying Guide

If you’re still on the fence about using glues in your projects, you need to jump down and give them a try! Fabric and other glues like the crafting glues on this list are often specially formulated to work best with certain projects. Attaching rhinestones is one of the many uses that these glues are going to excel at. Fabric and crafting glues are great for a wide variety of projects both in the craft room and out.

Crafting on a Budget

Unlike other supplies needed for many other crafting projects, fabric glue and crafting glue can often be purchased quite inexpensively. A bottle might look small, but don’t be fooled. These glues often go a long way. You might be surprised at how many different projects you can use it for and what you can create before you use up all your glue.


It might seem questionable to use fabric and crafting glues on clothing projects, especially when it comes to attaching embellishments like rhinestones, but you will likely find that they are incredibly durable. Many fabric glues and craft glues are designed to withstand washing and even drying at home in the dryer, which makes laundering garments quick and easy. These adhesives are all formulated to be tough and durable, so that your projects will stand up to wearing, washing, and time.

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