Baft Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Baft Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy Do the prices skyrocketing every day scare you? Do you ever go into the mall, find the perfect dress for the most awaited occasion, peek at the price tag, and walk out of the shop as your heart sinks? Then we completely understand how you feel!

We decided to tell you about exciting coarse cotton with which you can tailor ravishing clothes at the lowest prices possible! And this miraculous fabric is Baft Fabric.  You may say that it is a more reasonably priced coarse cotton cloth that is used widely because of its appearance and distinct qualities.

History of Baft Fabric

You may be familiarized with this name, and you would be lucky if you could find an item of this fabric in your wardrobe. You may also recognize this by the name Buffett. But do you know how this fabric came into existence?

In the 16th century, India first introduced Baft Fabric to the textile world, and then it became widely popular. Great Britain took hold of manufacturing it at a commercial level next. Though, the term Baft was tossed in later. Initially, it was named “long cloth”.

Properties of Baft Fabric

The distinct characteristics of Baft Fabric make it so unique and adored all over the world. Let’s see why everyone must own this fabric:


This fabric is very cheap and affordable. You can buy it quickly without worrying that this purchase will disrupt your monthly apparel budget.


Due to the space between the threads, the permeability of air increases, and the clothes feel light and comfortable to wear.


Coarse refers to the rough texture of the fabric. This means that this fabric is not of superior quality and has loosely spaced threads.


This fabric is durable and does not collapse if you exercise excessively or wear it frequently. You can wear it all day long for weeks without worrying that it will tear or rip.

Uses of Baft Fabric


This fabric proves to be an appropriate cloth used in the backing of quilts and blankets.

Casual wear:

As this fabric is ideal for summer wear, it is used to make breezy and casual dresses in which you can roam around easily or go for a walk without feeling suffocated.


This fabric can be printed and dyed easily. It is used to make covers and padding cloth.


You can see this fabric used in the making of crafts and curtains. It is light-weight and suitable for making bedsheets and cleaning towels.


This cloth can easily hold the dye and retain the colors, which is an excellent property for a canvas. It is affordable and can be used to make canvases on a large scale. It is also used in the bookbinding market.

Caring for Baft Fabric

Generally, people don’t take good care of such inexpensive clothes as it is easier to replace them. It is also biodegradable, which is an excellent quality in the fabric. So, you wouldn’t have to think of the environmental impact twice before discarding it.

But you should take care of this fabric as it can last for really long without losing the charm in its appearance. Make sure you either machine wash it on a gentle cycle or hand wash it with cold water. Make sure you use a mild detergent as concentrated chemicals could be corrosive. To dry it, you can either hang it or lay it flat.

Don’t be afraid to wear your gorgeous Baft fabric clothes for years to come!

Where to buy Baft Fabric

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