Crazy Horse Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Introduction to Crazy Horse Fabric

Looking to use Crazy Horse Fabric? If you are here reading this post, either you are unaware of the modern language and consider yourself to be vintage by now, or maybe you were reading another post, and the title caught your eye. Crazy Horse- doesn’t it seem so peculiar?

So, a crazy horse is a kind of leather that is primarily used to make horse saddles. This is where the name Crazy Horse caught on. It doesn’t mean that a crazy or retarded horse is skinned to make a fabric. Let’s learn more about this interesting piece of textile.

History of Crazy Horse Fabric

The leather has been a major player in the textile game, but we still aren’t sure when the crazy horse leather entered this competitive game. However, we do know that horse saddles were invented many centuries ago. So, it may not be incorrect to believe that this remarkable kind of textile has been in the industry for a long time.

However, different versions of this leather have been introduced since its invention. The original edition has also been upgraded a lot. Like wax and polish, this leather is used to make it look more fresh, glossy, and luxurious.

Properties of Crazy Horse

This fabric has some distinct properties like:


This leather is of such fine quality that it will easily last for more than 30 years. This means that you can pass on your personal and cherished wallets and other leather items to your kids and the coming generation.

Smooth Grain Leather Finish

The texture of this leather is smooth, seamless but has a grainy leather finish.

Fine and Luxurious

Crazy Horse is a fine leather that looks like a million big bucks. It has a very luxurious feel that cannot be matched.

Antique Look and Natural Color

The natural color of this leather is so beautiful that people make no major changes to the appearance or the look of this textile. The look is vintage and antique, which cannot be achieved by synthetically made leathers.

Common Uses for Crazy Horse Fabric

The uses of Crazy Horse are too many to be named. However, it is not used as the common leather; for covering furniture or car seats. But most salient uses are:


Horse saddles used either by the royals or for horse riding competitions are made from this leather.

Wallets and Bags

Premium branded bags, wallets, and other leather accessories are made from this leather. They are highly exclusive and quite expensive.


Well-reputed brands worldwide use this sturdy leather to make high-quality shoes that have a classic and priceless look.

Caring for Crazy Horse Fabric

There is an ultimate guide that you have to follow when it comes to caring for leather. It starts from a basic and primary level. You cannot just wake up one day, make an effort and restore the leather’s originality. You have to remain steadfast and start from day to daycare to ensure that the leather product lives its maximum life.

Leather is skin, so though it can stretch but not beyond a limit. So, do not wash it or toss it in the laundry or machine. Even using a wet cloth may not be a smart idea. Try to use polishes and wax, or a leather cleaner with mild chemicals. You can wipe away the dust with a dry cloth. Try not to fold it because creases can form permanently.

Keep it away from rain; if you can, avoid wearing crazy horse leather items where there is water and puddles because, in water, it will get crazy!

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