Buck Fleece Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

If your go-to jacket is made from fleece, I can guarantee that most of your winter clothing consists of fleece garments. This means that there are tons of fleece jackets, sweaters, and accessories stuffed in your closet. So, have you ever wondered what kind of fleece it is and what it is made from?

It is possible that you must own a garment made from Buck Fleece, one of the most commonly used fleece types. You might have heard about Buck Fleece that is made from ram lamb. So, let’s learn more about it!

Properties of Buck Fleece

Some of the most notable and eminent features of Buck Fleece are:

Good Insulation

People consider this fleece to be a good alternative to wool. Since it is inexpensive, it can act as a good replacement for wool. It is warm and offers similar benefits.

Prone to Pilling

Just like wool, this fleece is prone to pilling. You may not be so fond of this quality as it could ruin the fabric’s look, but this is something that you would have to make do with.

Not Itchy

Buck fleece doesn’t itch commonly, but if you are allergic to sheep hair or ram, then it is quite likely that this fabric wouldn’t suit you.

Doesn’t Absorb Moisture

Fleece is fairly hydrophobic, which means that it will repel Moisture unless you soak it in water. It wouldn’t get drenched and would stay dry.

Dries Quickly

The best part about fleece is that unlike other dense and thick fabrics, fleece dries out quickly. You wouldn’t need to wait long hours before this fabric could dry out.

Highly Breathable

The fibers of this fabric are parted so that air remains trapped so that the person who wears wool remains warm. But the person wouldn’t get suffocated or uncomfortable. The flow of air remains continuous, making this fleece breathable.

Common Uses for Buck Fleece

Buck Fleece has many uses like any other fleece. The most common applications of this fleece are:


Several garments are made from fleece. Jackets and sweaters exclusively for chilling winters are fashioned from Buck fleece. People enjoy wearing coats and oversized capes made from this fleece. Many people prefer the gym and casual wear made from this fleece. Buck fleece is also used in the making of thick and warm trousers and sweatshirts.

Hats and Scarves

Winter accessories like scarves, hats, overalls, and shawls are fashioned from this fleece as it is super warm and comfortable.


Many coats, jackets, and gym wear are lined with this fleece to stay warm in cold weather. The fleece is lined between the clothes so that the air remains trapped, and even if the cloth fabric is thin, the lining keeps the garment warm.


The Buck Fleece is used to make quilts and blankets as it is warm and soft.

Caring for Buck Fleece

If you are a proud owner of a garment or item fashioned out from Buck fleece then you have to realize how important it is to be cautious when it comes to cleaning this fleece. You have to make sure you are not using any sorts of chemicals. This fleece is natural and so it doesn’t go well with bleach or fabric softeners. Make sure you wash it in the gentle machine cycle.

This fleece will begin pilling if you expose it to hear. So, avoid heating it and rather let it air dry once you have washed it. If you can afford to get it professionally cleaned, then definitely choose that option. Treat this delicate fabric like your own child.

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