Astrakhan Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Astrakhan Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy If you ever had the pleasure of visiting Persia and seeing all the beautiful sights and surreal places, then you would have surely seen Astrakhan lamb. Their thick and lustrous pelts put the fur and hair of other animals to shame. Their vibrant colors and rich texture are astoundingly gorgeous.

The elegance and gloss of the natural hair are unmatched, and its exclusiveness is renowned globally. But we love the Astrakhan lambs, don’t we? And so, does the rest of the world. Astrakhan Fabric resembles the curled-up hair of the lamb’s pelt, and this rough fabric is used by weaving together Astrakhan fibers, cotton, mohair, and wool piles.

  • History of Astrakhan Fabric
    • Pros:
      • Gained popularity in the mid-19th century
      • Used to make jackets and shawls complementing fancy gowns
    • Cons:
      • Concept of extracting hair and fur from Astrakhan lambs seemed inhuman
  • Properties of Astrakhan Fabric
    • Pros:
      • Lustrous and luxurious appearance
      • Warm and cozy like wool
      • Expensive and distinct
      • Sturdy with high tensile strength
    • Cons: None mentioned
  • Uses of Astrakhan Fabric
    • Pros:
      • Used in apparel like jackets, sweaters, shawls
      • Made into accessories such as hats, scarves, beanies
      • Used in homeware for unique sofa covers and pillowcases
    • Cons: Expensive and not widely used in homeware manufacturing
  • Caring for Astrakhan Fabric
    • Pros:
      • Requires frequent brushing and gentle patting to remove excess water
      • Should be washed and cleaned by experts without harsh chemicals
      • Can be flaunted for decades with proper care
    • Cons: None mentioned

History of Astrakhan Fabric

The initial production of Astrakhan Fabric is dated back in the 19th century. It gained a lot of popularity in the mid-19th century.  This luxurious fur was used to make jackets and shawls that complemented the expensive fancy gowns very well.

Astrakhan was welcomed into western fashion on many occasions, and this fur was fashioned into different garments that were exclusively manufactured for the elite. Astrakhan was the favorite of the Victorians. Their heavy fur coats, and luxurious gowns and hair accessories were made majorly from Astrakhan Fabric.

Many people couldn’t afford full coats and jackets made from this glossy fabric, so from 1890 to 1908, the trend of Astrakhan collars and trimmings emerged. This trend accelerated fast and became highly popular.

The concept of extracting the hair and fur from Astrakhan lambs seemed inhuman. To eliminate animal cruelty from the production of clothes, a fabric resembling Astrakhan hair was developed in the 20th century.

Properties of Astrakhan Fabric

Let’s view some unique properties of Astrakhan Fabric:

Lustrous and Luxurious:

The glossy rich color, the dense texture of fibers, and the sophisticated appearance of Astrakhan Fabric are unmatched.


The fabric imitates the fleece-like qualities of wool. You can wear it on the chilliest evening of winter, and you would still feel warm and cozy like you are in your mother’s embrace.


The distinct appearance and unparalleled qualities of Astrakhan fabric make it worth a lot.


This fabric is resilient, and its fibers have a high tensile strength that can tolerate immense pressure and strenuous exercise.

Uses of Astrakhan Fabric

This fabric has many versatile uses like:


This fabric is used to make trendy jackets, sweaters, shawls, and other clothing items. It is a popular fabric in the textile industry and has garnered a lot of praise from the elite class.


Many fine hats, scarves, and beanies are mad from Astrakhan Fabric. They are sold widely and are worn as a fashion statement. These accessories have a certain grace and exude finesse.


Astrakhan is not used vastly in the manufacturing of homeware as it is a fine fabric that is quite expensive. But for the affluent people, unique sofa covers, and pillowcases are made as it is soft and comfortable.

Caring for Astrakhan Fabric

You would try your hardest to care for this expensive and gorgeous fabric. You would not want to ruin this as then you will be committing a fashion crime. Something this worthy requires your attention.

Make sure you brush your Astrakhan Fabric frequently and remove the excessive eater by patting it down and not squeezing it. Don’t use dryers or heating products on it at all. We cannot emphasize enough on it.

Get it washed and cleaned from an expert. Don’t use any harsh chemicals and take care of it when you wear this fabric. This way, you can flaunt it for decades!

Where to buy Astrakhan Fabric

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