Albert Cloth Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Albert Cloth Fabric History Properties Uses Care Where to Buy Don’t you love it how you can reuse your clothes by turning them upside down? Are you tired of the same old dress? Want to flip it and have the same printed fabric in a different design? For this renewal of your clothes, Albert Cloth Fabric is the best option.

This fabric is a type of double cloth made from wool. This fabric is reversible with different hues of colors in front and back.

History of Albert Cloth Fabric:

The skillful technique of double weaving was invented in the 700 AD, but it wasn’t until the 19th century that double cloth wool gained popularity. It was soon termed as the Albert Cloth Fabric. This made its way through the fashion garments industry and is still very famous.

Initially, the double cloth was invented using the fabrics: silk and wool. The difference in textures but the similarity in fibers of fabrics made it ideal for reversible jackets.  Coats made out of it were trendy among men, and it still is a contemporary design.

Properties of Albert Cloth Fabric:

Various properties of this remarkable fabric make it shine among its competitors. Let’s see why you should own an Albert Cloth Fabric’s garment:

Available in Many Colors:

As this fabric is made up of wool, it can easily be dyed into various colors of your choice, and the color retained is strong and does not fade away. You can dye the insides of the fabric with a different color than the outside to give it an aesthetically pleasing effect.

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As it is a double-cloth Fabric, it uses additional warp and weft yarns than the usual fabric. You just have to turn the garment upside down or flip the Fabric and Voila! Your dress will be transformed in a matter of seconds. The cloth has two different sides on which both the pattern and color can be dissimilar.

Easily Patterned:

This fabric is ideal for garments and furnishing as you can easily dye it, print patterns on it, and even do embroidery on it without any hassle. It is favorable for all techniques.


You must be familiar with the elasticity of wool. Similar to that, Albert Cloth Fabric has the flexibility and durability of fine wool fabric. It can be stretched to a reasonable limit without the fear of it being torn and ripped apart.


Wool is the iconic winter material for fashion garments. Albert cloth being its precise type, is used widely for warm garments and items. It has thick fibers that are good for thermal insulation.

Uses of Albert Cloth Fabric:

Clothing and Furnishing:

This fabric may not be as versatile, but it has many applications in the clothing and furnishings fields. Double-sided coats and warm jackets are made exclusively from this fabric. For fancy occasions and elegant dresses, it is made from this fabric.

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It is popular in the manufacturing of ribbons, fancy curtains, decorative, and as an interlining material. Because of its soft texture and double cloth nature, it is ideal for sofa coverings.

Caring for Albert Cloth Fabric:

This fabric, like all other materials, requires constant care and proper maintenance. As it is made from wool, it is vulnerable to attacks from moths and mildews. So, make sure you store this fabric and its garments in the insect-free area or use insect repellants.

Don’t let this material get burnt or affected by any strong chemical as it can quickly get damaged. Wash it with care with neutral soaps, and hand wash is strongly recommended. Take good care of this unique and awesome Fabric!

Where to buy Albert Cloth Fabric

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