Checks Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Introduction to Checks Fabric

Check is one of the most recognized patterns throughout the world like cotton and wool etc. You will find various types of fabrics offering some amazing designs of Checks. 

Those who do not have enough information about this fabric have a unique pattern of various modified stripes. It consists of vertical and horizontal lines crossing each other in a specific pattern, forming a square. Moreover, this fabric has a lot of variations, and each of them has its specialties. You can find it in various color combinations, pattern designs with small or big squares, and many more. 

check fabric
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History of Checks Fabric

The Checks Fabric has a long history. The word itself has been derived from the Persian Language, from the word “Shah” which means King. The name started from the chess game, which also has a square box pattern like the fabric itself. In fact, the idea of this fabric came from chess. 

However, the modern Check fabric started with the Buffalo Check, also known as Buffalo Plaid. Around the 1850s, a designer who had a herd of buffalo at Woolrich Mill in Pennsylvania copied the Scotland Rob Roy design pattern. Since then, the fabric has gone through various variations in its design and the fabric itself with time. It has numerous types, such as the Argyle pattern, the checkered flag, Battenburg markings, gingham, plaid patterns, and much more. 

Properties of Checks Fabric

Like the other fabrics, Checks fabric also has a set of properties. Each of these properties depends on what type of fibers are used in the making of fabric. However, some common properties are discussed below. 

Variety in Colors

Checks Fabric comes in a wide range of colors and different combinations of colors. However, you will mainly find it in various colors with white in it like green lines with the boxes filed white, black lines with white boxes, and more. The large variety of colors makes it easier to choose the color of your choice. 

Beautiful Designs

Yes, Checks Fabric is known for its square boxes, but you will find different varieties of beautiful designs in it even with that. The designs change with the change of patterns and sizes of the boxes and sometimes even include floral prints below the patterns, making it more elegant while wearing.

Common Uses for Checks Fabric

Some of the common uses of Check fabric are:


The major use of this fabric is in clothing. You will find various dresses, shirts, specific jeans and skirts, and more made of this fabric. Some specific types of Check fabrics, like the ones made of cotton and silk, are used to make nightwear both for gents and ladies. While some with comparatively warmer materials like Tweed and Barege are also used in making winter clothes. 

Home Décor and Cleaning

You will also find Check fabric used in some home décor and cleaning items like cleaning cloths, table sheets, a mat made of check wool, and much more. Moreover, you will also find some kitchen towels made of this fabric too. 

Caring for Checks Fabric

The Caring for Checks Fabric also depends on the types of fibers and yarn used in it. Like the ones made of cotton, they are easy to care for. You can wash it both by hand and by machine. While the ones made of wool are preferred to be washed by hand to maintain their quality. That’s why you first check the material of the fabric and then wash it accordingly. 


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