Brother Designio Series DZ1234 Serger Review

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The Brother Designio Series DZ1234 Serger is for the fashionista in you. Bring your creativity to life as you create and modify clothes and accessories that match your personality.

Designed specifically to cut and finish garments, the DZ1234 Serger has a differential feed system that will let you make professional-quality clothes. You can create beautiful edges and perfect hems giving your design a superior finish.


  • The Brother Designio Series DZ1234 Serger is a versatile serger that is designed for both beginners and experienced sewers.
  • It features a color-coded threading system, adjustable stitch width, and multiple hemming options, allowing for easy and precise customization.
  • The serger also has a differential fabric feed system, ensuring consistent stitch quality regardless of the fabric being used.

Features of Brother Designio Series DZ1234 Serger

This model is a good place to begin if you are new to serging. The following are some of the features of the DZ1234 Serger that make it stand out compared to other options available in the market.

Color-Coded Threading

The color-coded threading system makes threading your machine infinitely easier. It provides simple ways to loop upper and lower threads and control tension in a precise manner.  You can feed threads of different kinds and colors and create gorgeous patterns on the hems.

Adjustable Stitch Width

The width of your stitch has a huge impact on your design. For instance, if you are using light fabric, a tightly packed stitch can feel unnatural. The DZ1234 Serger allows you to adjust the width of the stitch using a simple dial. You can experiment with stitches ranging from 3 mm to 7 mm and use the ideal width that fits your fabric and product.

Brother DZ1234 ReviewMultiple Hemming Options

The serger includes three different feet – the hem-stitch foot, gathering foot and piping foot – which will help you create fine edges on all kinds of fabric.

The gathering foot lets you connect the fabric and the edge in one easy step. You do not need multiple pins to hold the two parts in place, the serger will do it for you.

The piping foot can be used to hold narrow piping or to create your own using piping strips. This is also incredibly useful if you are trying to attach a zipper.

The blind hem-stitch foot will help you create the perfect overlock. It is adjustable and open-toed which means you can see the movement of the thread.

Differential Fabric Feed

This serger takes into account the quality and thickness of the fabric you are using. It has a differential fabric feed ratio ranging from 0.7 to 2.0 This helps in ensuring the quality of stitch does not change irrespective of the fabric you are using. It also assists in customizing edges with flair when you are using specialty fabrics.


  • It can sew up to 1,300 stitches per minute.
  • The sewing area is convertible. You can choose between a free arm or a flat bed depending on what you are sewing.
  • The work area is brightly lit.
  • It uses standard sewing machine needles.
  • It comes with a soft cover and a cleaning brush that helps in maintaining the serger dust free.
  • The purchase includes two sets of starter threads as well.
  • The serger has 23 built-in sewing stitches, including overlock stitching.
  • It has built-in storage where you can keep allows you to keep the necessary accessories.
  • You can use any thread you want in the DZ1234.
  • You can stitch multiple layers comfortably.


  • The light bulb in the working area can get hot with extended use.
  • The fabric can get snagged under the presser foot.
  • It is fairly loud.
  • Replacing broken parts can be difficult.
  • It does not have an LCD display so selecting a stitch can be cumbersome.

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The DZ1234 Serger from the Designio series by Brother is a worthy investment if you are looking to create gorgeous patterns and professional-looking hems. It is affordable, multi-functional and allows you to customize all aspects of your serging needs.

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