Free Machine Embroidery Websites

Are you looking to add some extra flair to your wardrobe or home decor? Then free machine embroidery websites are the perfect way to go.

With machine embroidery, you can create a unique, personal touch to any article of clothing or home decor item. Not only is this craft easy to do, but it also gives you the benefit of creating something totally unique with your own two hands.

Plus, there are plenty of free machine embroidery designs available online, so you don’t have to spend a fortune to get started. I’ll show you everything you need to know about free machine embroidery designs, from where to find them to how to choose the right one for your project.

Free Machine Embroidery Websites For Commercial Use

Finding free machine embroidery designs you can use for commercial purposes is the perfect way to create stunning embroidered garments and accessories with ease. These designs are created by professional artists and come in a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes to fit any project.

Whether you are looking for a classic beautiful floral pattern or something more modern, there is a design to suit your needs. These designs are available in a range of different formats such as vector, jpeg, and png, so you can easily use them on any sewing machine. This lets you easily add a professional touch to any garment or accessory.

Before stitching products for sale using these designs, read the designer’s small print if you intend to sell them commercially. While every digitizer has its own set of regulations, in general, most designers provide their free designs for you to stitch out for your own use and occasionally sell in small numbers.

Without previous written consent, mass production is frequently forbidden. Distribution of the design file and its components is also never permitted.

Avoid downloading designs from artists that have Disney or other copyrights, especially if you intend to sell them. Disney embroidery patterns and Disney goods can only be digitized and sold by authorized suppliers since these designs are copyrighted.

Be sure that the files you download are in the format that your computer demands. I always download free .pes embroidery designs because I have a Brother embroidery machine. Check your owner’s manual for the right format.

Best Websites for Downloading Free Embroidery Designs

machine embroidery websites

My Favorite Sites To Download Free Designs

Embroideres Little Romeo design

This is such a fun site. There are a ton of free designs to download.

You don’t need to create an account registration nor do you need to leave any personal information.

There are a huge number of embroidery designs that are entirely free, as well as embroidery designs that are offered for free with purchases. The majority of designs also contain a thread color chart.

Use the search feature or browse the free designs’ categories if you’re looking for a design with a specific topic.

Popular designs will typically have a number of reviews, allowing you to confirm that others have stitched the designs before you and gauge their quality. Just be sure to read reviews or perform a test stitch-out before you build your project because various digitizers have submitted designs.

BunnyCup Embroidery

Bunny cup embroidery free patterns

This is the place for the best baby embroidery designs. I use their designs to make embroidered gifts for expecting parents that they love. Every time I go online, I notice the charming designs and begin daydreaming about future projects.

Also, there are a lot of free design packs to choose from, and if you sign up for their email list, you’ll get a freebie every week. They even keep adding fresh paid designs.

There are so many possibilities for adorable appliques, fonts, and even redwork, which I like. They make the list of my favorite websites because their collection of no-cost machine embroidery appliques is one of the largest.

You don’t need to make an account or provide any personal information to download designs if you exercise care and online anonymity. However, in order to create an account when making a purchase, you must provide private information.

Oregon Patchworks

Oregon Patchworks

Here’s a different website with free embroidery patterns!

The free designs are representative pieces from each designer so you may gauge the caliber of their work. You can explore the website and find a ton of amazing content.

You may get even more free machine embroidery patterns if you buy their designs. Additionally, there is a daily cap of 10 downloads for the free samplers.

You must register for an account, which involves providing a fair amount of personal information, in order to download designs.

Additional free designs are available in a members-only section, but access to these requires signing up for their newsletter. However, you may receive their Free Friday embroidery download by signing up for their newsletter!

Kreative Kiwi Designs

Kreative Kiwi embroidery designs

Both adorable embroidery patterns and free DIY projects are available at Kreative Kiwi.

They tend to concentrate on in-the-hoop embroidered patterns rather than strictly traditional needlework. In essence, you can make items like potholders, bookmarks, and coasters inside your embroidery hoop.

A few free designs are available, but the majority are free embroidery patterns. This makes this website really special and great! Look out for the Pukeko, a very colorful bird of New Zealand.

You do need to provide your email, name, and phone number in order to “buy” these free designs.

Oma’s Place

Omas Place Mug Rug
Photo Credit: Omas Place

Both a fantastic selection of embroidery designs to buy and a helpful, regularly updated part of free designs are available at Oma’s Place. Her mug rugs are adorable, too!

You must provide your email address, first and last name, and download information for each.

It’s optional to sign up for her newsletter. But the newsletter has some really great recommendations, and sometimes it persuades me that I can’t live without designs that I didn’t even realize I wanted until I received them in my email!

The files are compressed (zipped), so you must extract them. The copyright information is included with each download, just like on the majority of these other websites for embroidery.

Check out these other sites:

Brother Embroidery Designs Free Download

Brother sewing machines is one of the best free machine embroidery websites available. It offers a wide selection of free machine embroidery designs, from intricate floral designs to cute cartoon characters.

The website allows you to easily download the designs, as well as get step-by-step instructions to help you create beautiful embroidery projects. It also offers advice and tips on the best settings and techniques to use with different fabrics, threads, and other materials.

All the designs are available in a variety of different sizes, so you can find the perfect design for your project. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned embroiderer, Brother Embroidery Designs Free Download is a great resource to help you create beautiful embroidery designs.

100 Free Embroidery Designs

Royal Present Embroidery is a website that offers a variety of free machine embroidery designs for both personal and commercial use. On their website, you can find a wide selection of high-quality designs available for download in a variety of formats.

The designs range from simple motifs to complex patterns and can be used to create custom quilts, garments, home decor, and more. Their designs are perfect for any budget and the website also offers helpful tutorials and advice on the art of embroidery. With 100 Free Embroidery Designs from Royal Free Embroidery, you can easily find the perfect design for your project and add a unique touch to any item you create.

Free Machine Embroidery Designs for 4×4 Hoop

Sweet Pea Machine Embroidery offers a wide variety of designs that range from simple to complex and everything in between for many different embroidery formats. The designs are usually provided in either DST, PES, EXP, HUS, JEF, and many other formats.

This website often features designs from independent designers and some design collections from larger design companies. Sweet Pea also offers tutorials, information on stabilizers and threads, and other helpful tips and tricks. The website is free to use and provides a great resource for finding the perfect design for any project.

What Makes a Good Embroidery Design

Purchase from Credible Design Firms

Ask embroiderers in online communities what they think of particular design studios and the designs they create. You might receive a range of contradictory responses, but if the responses are positive as a group, you’ve undoubtedly discovered some reliable design sources.

The opposite is also true. Move on and continue looking if the responses are overwhelmingly negative.

2. Follow the Needle’s Lead

When you stitch a pattern for the first time after purchasing it from a new source, pay great attention. Is the needle’s path effective when the stitching is done according to plan? Are the colors arranged in such a way that the design elements with the same color stitch at the same time?

Because of how the colors are arranged, this isn’t always possible, but it should be attempted as frequently as possible to reduce the need for thread modifications. Generally speaking, the design should be simple to stitch without requiring numerous unneeded thread changes.

3. The number of jump stitches

Long lengths of thread are used for jump stitches, which are when the needle “jumps” from one area of the design to another. An expert digitizer strives to minimize these stitches because trimming them after stitching the design adds more labor for the stitcher.


The jump stitches are pulled to the back of the cloth by some BERNINA machines’ Thread Away function, leaving the pattern clean on the front and saving the user the time-consuming task of thread-chopping.

You don’t want a design with a lot of jump stitches if you don’t have this function.

4. Examine the Finished Design Clearly

Usually, the design’s appearance is what draws stitchers to desire to stitch it. Every design begins with original art, and the digitizer chooses the stitched appearance.

Has the digitizer employed highlights and shading to give the image dimension and prevent it from looking flat? Do the fill stitches have a pleasing appearance without being very dense, which would make the stitched design stiff? Are the lines drawn clearly and continuously? The answer to all of these questions should be “yes.

5. Download no-cost patterns

In the end, stitching and evaluating a pattern is the best way to assess its quality. Downloading free designs and stitching them while paying close attention is one way to do this without spending any money.

It is generally a clue that the supplier creates high-quality patterns that you’ll appreciate if it stitches up quickly and beautifully. The free design could be an example from a collection that will help you decide whether you want to buy a collection of designs.

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