Alencon Lace Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy

Alencon Lace Fabric: History, Properties, Uses, Care, Where to Buy A delicate and elegant lace that has a uniquely beautiful appearance, stable flower patterns, designs tailored by heavy threads, and an exquisite fall; did you just fall in love with this vivid description of a dress? We are sure you would have.

This is a word picture of a gorgeous dress made of Alencon Lace Fabric. This feminine fabric makes you look ethereal and divine. The sophisticated patterns and sensitively carved spaces in this fabric allow it to outshine its rivals. You can never go wrong when choosing an Alencon Lace Fabric dress for an esteemed occasion. You will garner the praise of many.

History of Alencon Lace Fabric

After its unanticipated decline after the French revolution, lace gained a little popularity following the Second French Empire. St, Marie Azelie was a renowned lace-maker in the town of Alencon. Though, again a collapse of Lace textile was witnessed in the 19th Century as it was replaced by machine-made lace.

The technique of St. Marie was practiced widely in Alencon by the nuns, and its concept stayed alive. The making of this lace made its way into an exhibition and gained popularity. And in 2010, UNESCO admired the distinct craftsmanship and promoted the making of this lace. Once people saw how dainty and elegant it is, it made a breakthrough in the fashion industry.

Properties of Alencon Lace Fabric

This quaint fabric is adored all over the world because of its unique characteristics: Let us see why everyone is so crazy about it:


This is the only lace that uses horsehair to make the fabric sturdier and increase its strength. It may be delicate in appearance, but it is resistant to moderate pressures, and the threads woven in it are resilient.

Unique Floral Designs:

The exquisite designs and flower prints discern Alencon Lace from all other ordinary Fabrics. This fabric is successfully able to capture the essence of vintage lace ad its aesthetic.

Fine and Luxurious:

Alencon is one of the finest laces ever manufactured. As it is made by hand, there is a certain grace and elegance in its semblance. This lace is a symbol of high quality and finesse that no other lace Fabric can rival.

Uses of Alencon Lace Fabric

The application of Alencon Lace Fabric can be classified into the following:


Beautiful bedspreads, tablecloths, and even upholstery are made from this fabric. The accessories, like headbands, made of this fabric are vastly popular.


Alencon lace makes beautiful blouses, gowns, and outerwear for any occasion. This fabric exudes charisma, and you should own apparel made of it, otherwise its fashion suicide.

Wedding Dress:

This category deserved individual recognition. Lace is the favorite fabric used to fashion every girl’s dream wedding dress. The ivory color and delicate details make it impossible for anyone not to fall in love with the dress itself! It is ideal for the ceremony dresses and completes the bride’s overall look.

Caring for Alencon Lace Fabric

The open weave of the lace makes it prone to a tear or rupture. As this fabric is delicate, make sure you handle it with the utmost care. We would recommend hand washing with cold water and mild soaps> don’t scrub it vigorously or squeeze it too hard.

Try to hang-dry it and keep it away from heating products.  To fight tough stains, make sure you gently scrub the area or better so whiten it again. You wouldn’t want to ruin this vintage-looking, graceful fabric. So, cherish it as it Alencon Lace will never lose its charm!

Where to buy Alencon Lace Fabric

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